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Hurray @wiggler_forums@twitter.com now has a RSS feed!

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This weekend at The Attenborough Centre for the Creative Arts!!!
FREE both days:
Saturday live music 4pm-midnight courtesy of Brighton Modular Sessions, then Sunday from 10am BRING YOUR SYNTHS! Manufacturers & more!!! ()

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Sharing my work some women tell me their boyfriend is really into this - I can’t help feel a little sad to see that displaced enthusiasm. SO new thread: Women working with modular synth systems (specifically) - READ & ADD. Aiming for 100+ & ⬆️ international and diverse 🎧 GO...

Nearly all of the CGS website now wikified sdiy.info/wiki/CatGirl_Synth

Register on the wiki to add any relevant info, to enhance the articles.


Stub article about BugBrand from the long defunct Muff Wiggler wiki sdiy.info/wiki/BugBrand @BugBrand@twitter.com

Babani (UK publisher) has produced some useful low cost books for the hobbyist electronic experimenter and quite a few relevant to electronic music sdiy.info/wiki/Bernard_Babani_ @BabaniBooks@twitter.com

Useful info about American wire gauge (AWG) and metric wire size equivalents American wire gauge sdiy.info/wiki/American_wire_g

@ChangelingRandy Please add me to Electronics, Synth DIY, Wiki, Open Education.

There's now a Synth DIY at communitywiki.org/trunk/ where you can volunteer yourself to be followed.

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