Blog Post: This Is a Blog

No, I haven’t hit my head. Read on, you’ll see.

Listening to Hanselminutes with Scott Hanselman – Learning to code 6502 assembly in Pikuma’s Gustavo Pezzi

RSS, Astro, and Me – Part 2

Part 2 of creating my custom RSS feed in Astro

Blog Post: RSS, Astro, and Me – Part 1

A simple RSS feed tweak led to an interesting discovery wrt Astro.

The Coffee Grinder is Stack I Won't

Peter Portland?!? Beer in Portland?!?

Blog Post: Anew

I rebuilt my site. I’ll add back some of my previous posts in time.

Not a complaint (have to specify to avoid the “what did you expect” nonsense) – iOS 16 dev beta suddenly quit working with CarPlay at all, both USB and wireless. Anyone else?

Listening to NASA Vending Machine (watching "For All Mankind") 11: “Polaris” (S3E1)


This day in 1954, Alan Turing took his life by his own hand, driven to death by society’s inability to accept a different form of sexuality.

He invented the modern computer.

Whatever device you are reading this on, came from his genius.



Between the CSS-iness of SwiftUI and some of the package and other features in Xcode, developing apps is a lot more like web development than ever.

Listening to Chit Chat Across the Pond – CCATP #729 – John Siracusa on Many Things Including Display Technologies

Craig Pollock was the worst team and driver manager in F1 history, probably.

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