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What I've collected so far:
"Fear of Macros" covering syntax-rules, syntax-case and parse-syntax

"Mini-tutorial on explicit (and implicit) renaming macros in CHICKEN"

An old and now out-of-date in parts post to chicken-users about macro systems covering sc-, rsc- and er-macro-transformer, and touches on syntax-case.

The blog post @erkin is working on, which looks like it'll be great.

#Scheme #Macros

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I'd like some recommendations for tutorials on #Scheme macros. #R5RS syntax-rules for sure, but beyond that, er- and ir-transformers, or #R6RS syntax-case, it's all up for grabs.

The motivation is to try to encourage colleagues to move beyond defmacro.

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I am livestreaming right now! Some minimal #scheme coding, talking about what I learned from @Gargron's run-down of Mastodon 3.0, a take I read talking about the "immorality of open source", and such! for the next hour or so (21:40-0700 to 22:40-0700)

Great news for , Gambit (one of the fastest) has some good news.

No more spoiler, check it out

By the way there is an event around related to it. Check the mailing list or gitter for infos

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Here is the changes and updates for the competition:

- Reduced the number of points for the mysterious features to 100 points

- Reveal the second mysterious hint: **Scheme expressions**

- Reveal the last prizes: two free domains `` and ``

The page is at

Good luck!

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This summer I announced a competition to create static site generators in .

So far, nobody show up?!

Is there any interest for such competition? Should I announce the second hint and the third prize?

New SRFI on its way: Hooks. You know that little abstraction that makes customizing your favorite text editor? That is it!

Check it out

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A troubling thing about alternatives to s-expression representation: to date, I don't know of anyone who, once they understand s-expressions enough to advocate for how the alternative syntax is "better" ends up dogfooding it themselves. Instead, they use s-expressions.

Thanks for the warm welcome and the follow :)

This account will not follow nor follow back.

This account will be dedicated (or at least try) to display a broad view of the scheme world at large this includes but is not limited to the following hashtags and .

Best effort will be put to create new and original toots, that is information that you will not find by following the hashtags mentioned previously.

Have a good day!

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If you're an opensource contributor, what are the projects you're proudest of having contributed to?

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I am organizing a #Scheme coding competition where you have to build a static blog generator with a mystery feature (that will be revealed little by little in the next few months).

We have already one sponsor and are actively looking for other sponsors to reward the participants 🥇 🥈 🥉 (goodies, cloud credits, books...).


#webdev #dev #fp #programming

Boost appreciated!

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Building the Memex Sixty Years Later: Trends and Directions in Personal Knowledge Bases:

Mind blown

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