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#Mastodon Hashtag Reblog #Bot for #Zapier

Problem: Small instances can only see a small segment of the fediverse.

Solution: Reblog bot which searches other instances for a hashtag on a schedule, reblogs last post, and follows the user. This programmatically expands the visible fediverse targeted to keywords. E.g. @css @Tech (js)

You can use the Zapier CLI platform with the source right now for free. May be available to non-programmers later.

Available for questions.

There is a 95% chance every two weeks I open FileZilla that there's a new version and I have to go through the whole FileZilla new version song and dance. Bracing for it... yep. FileZilla, the only app where you have to download the app, remove the old app, and starting using the new one /every two weeks/.

When you know the server is still deploying but you still sit there and refresh the page.

I have this huge tome on XML printed in 2000 sitting on my shelf, just mocking me, like "Yes, I am still widely used, yessssss."

a 25% rise in bitcoin value is a sign of instability, not reliability.

hot hot hot hot hot hot hot hot hotake

r e :b: :b: it is bad

Started a new job 3 months ago. Recent developments have lead me to start looking elsewhere.

Know of anyone hiring 90-100% remote for front-end/full-stack dev (React, CSS, Accessibility, PHP, Java, [working on learning] Golang)? HMU friends.

Why do the GOLANG docs use abbreviated variable names? Eh? We already went through this Java. Do they think abbreviated names save time? Are they concerned that their lines of code will go over 80 char?


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Any opinions on the ?

An open letter to everyone
who shapes technology on the values that guide technology today.


Why do you think Mastodon is so popular with Japanese speakers?

Is this even possible?

const flattenedArray = flatten(array, [])

when it's not

const flattenedArray = []
flatten(array, flattenedArray)

How would you traverse an array that has arbitrarily deep nested arrays both recursively and functionally?


for a friend.

So, I've settled on

front end


back end

as in "development."

From now on, consistency.

Scaling images should, by default, proportion locked.

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