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So this allows everything to work in a broadly compatible, but still user friendly way. The downshot is that as a user, you need to be consistent with your casing.

That said, I don't think it'd be unreasonable to case-fold in THIS instance, since it's within the same mastodon-scoped instance.

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Okay, a few things:

1/ The VerifyLinkService does a case-sensitive compare, even of the domain.

2/ The ActivityPub spec doesn't specifically mention case, but since URIs are used for identifiers and URIs are technically case sensitive (apart from the hostname), that makes identifiers case sensitive.

3/ ((And this part is just supposition)) Mastodon sweeps case under the rug by preventing two accounts from having the same case-insensitive identifier.

S1E17, she tossed it out again. Putting this on Joss primarily, but at a certain point can't Charisma be like, "Can we pick a better word here?"

I mean, I know it was less taboo at the time, but it was definitely in the poor taste column.

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Me, every few months: I'm going to make C++ wrappers for CoreFoundation types, and it'll be awesome.

Me, Having gotten through CFString, maybe CFArray/CFDictionary: Ugh. This is boring. Elegant, but boring.

My local dev folders: *Is replete with abandoned versions of this project

Rewatching Angel. Currently at S1E4 and Cordelia just casually dropped the R word (as-in, to dismiss another's intelligence), and I'm not gonna lie... Felt like a physical slap hearing it. That dialog was never good, but it aged /really/ poorly.

I ended up putting on the Hamilton sound track. I actually napped briefly, but I woke up in (light) tears.

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Meanwhile, TIL AirPods are ineffective at blocking baby crying.

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Bringing a crying baby on an airplane is one of those precious situations where you can be a complete fuckhead to other people, but if they call you on it, then they're the asshole.

Evidently all those ipads they put in airports around the world are already irrelevant.

They're literally just mechanisms for presenting QR codes now and you order from your phone and pay with applePay/googleWallet.

This is why we have a garbage patch in the pacific.

P.S. If you see this toot in the next half hour, you might be tempted to order me a Tequilla Sunrise, then reply to let me know it's coming. Definitely not. That would be irresponsible.

Dear stores; Do you not like having customers? Because demanding that I show you my receipt as I walk out is how you lose my patronage.

While I applaud the recent migrants from Twitter who've decided that enough is enough, the sad reality is that you (and we) are the minority. The VAST majority of twitter users don't give any fucks who owns the platform and will continue yelling at brands like any other day ending in Y.

Twitter is going to be a shitstorm for a LONG time to come yet.

Stay buckled in, and enjoy the relative peace of the fediverse.

Walgreens 2000: You can buy AA batteries in packs of 2, 4, or 8 if you're insane.

Walgreens 2022: Most stuff has it own rechargeable batteries these days, but we still carry AA batteries, but to make sure it stays convenient we now only offer them in handy travel packs of 16 or more.

Me, with my insulin pump that uses precisely one AA battery...,

Buffy the Vampire Slayer S6E7 "Once More, With Feeling".

That is all. That's my whole toot.
Don't @ me. This shit is fucking gold.

It's been a long time, ya old bastard... but here we go again.

Me looking at an Amazon suggested item: This is useless, why would anyone buy this?

Reviewer: Have you considered 'Joy'?

Me: Damn. Fair cop.


function psrN_autoload(string $class): void {
$path = explode('\\', $class);
while (count($path)) {
$file = ROOT_PATH . implode('/', $path) . '.php';
if (file_exists($file)) {
throw new \Exception("class '$class' not found");

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Hrmmmm. Maybe I should propose a new autoloading PSR. Basically, PSR-4 with class tree fallback.

Then you could dump your numerous struct classes into a single namespace file instead of making a bunch of little ones, while still having regular PSR-4 love. It'd be entirely BC with PSR-4 layout, so no migration fails.

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