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People love to chuckle about PHP's function naming inconsistency, born in part by PHP's symbol hash having originally been "strlen".

Meanwhile C is out here like

The problem is that there was never any guarantee that more than a certain number of characters would be checked when names were compared for equality—in Old C this was eight characters, in Standard C this has changed to 31.

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Update, this has produced an adorable bruise on my left buttock and it's taking everything I have not to post a butt selfie.

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🥳 PHP 8.1 is released!

🔗 Read all about it at:

♻️ Migration Guide:

🐘 Many thanks to the contributors for everything they implemented, and the RMs to get this amazing new version released!

❓ What's your favourite new feature?

@robey Meanwhile my wife walked over cackling because it was evidently quite funny.

I used to have grippy socks, but then I stopped wearing socks regularly and fuck knows where they're at.

@paulgatling I'm at the "finding all the new and funny ways to say 'I broke my ass' while holding a smile on my face" phase.

Me at 12: I'll just use the pillow case to slide down the stairs. Much fun!

Me at 40-something: I'll just walk down the stairs in my socks, cause it's cold.

** Sara slips and bounces down every step right on her tailbone, smashing several toes and both thumbs along the way.

Don't get old, kids.

@Argus Ask Superman to look through it?

Yeah... no... it's probably made out of lead... sorry.

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@deejoe STILL have a modem that makes sounds. It's called a TNC, and it's a modem for radios. 9600bps, baby. HIGH SPEED.

@deshipu This reply was delightful, and has brought joy to my day.

Me: **Has broken 17 button mouse.

Her: You can have this mouse ((offers 8 button mouse))

Me: *scoffs* Thanks, but that's like a baby's toy.

Me: **Orders new 17 button mouse.

Mouse: Has three extra surprise buttons. TWENTY BUTTON MOUSE!

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Interesting if true about the securicams automatically reading QRcodes.

Debugging poorly typed Python and longing for the days of working on PHP.

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