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Not gonna lie. Wind forecast looking pretty gay this Monday.

Her: I had a question I wanted to ask you....

Me (jokingly): My opinions on Israel?

Her: Actually.... what are your opinions?


Bought a foot pedal key for PTT. Received... a desperate cry for help from the past.

1/ Who has CD drives anymore?
2/ Who has a CD drive that'll even accept a mini-CD?
3/ Remember linux distros that would come on business card shaped mini CDs?
4/ No? Just me? Okay.

I fucking love Tig Notaro.

Watching "Army of the Dead" (2021). There's a "quarantine camp" guard no the ground having been shot (he's a total d-bag). Tig's character has her gun out because she thinks she needs to subdue the shooter, then the shooter tells everyone he's a power abuser/rapist and her expression is just, "Eh... Not feelin' like I wanna help you here, bro."

It's a fraction of a moment in the shot, but it's priceless.

Me: I should check the recent covid stats. I know India isn't doing grr.......holy jesus mcfuckface.

Recent cases: 550k Cases in India: 400k

Her: "Hey Siri, take me to the nearest Binny's liquor store."


Minor swearing 

Fuck's sake, people. Can we please learn to program worth a shit?

Operator: How do you spell that?

Me: Eff Oh Oh Bee Ay Arr. That's Foxtrot Oscar Oscar Bravo Alpha Romeo

Operator: Is that X as in X-ray O as in Open...


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Me: Sure, my email address is

Operator: Okay, so I have


Me: Decides to watch "Revenge of the Nerds" (1984)

Also me:

I can only assume that this recommendation is because I briefly worked for a Federal agency 20 years ago.

Still, made me chuckle. There's no WAY I'd do that to myself at this point in my life.

Guess who's the new girl on ISS, versus the one who's been there five months.

Current mood: Tilting my webcam to create dutch angles on zoom, thereby conveying a discordant emotional state.

Me 10 years ago: I'll buy a Nest for my heater. Hey, this works great!

Me 3 years ago: I done sold that house nests and all. I'll buy a new one for my new place.

Google: The nest are one with us now. Use your google account.

Me: Uh... okay....

Me today: I'm going to add my nest to my smart switch, because I can.

Google: You must now use the Home app to make changes to your Nest.

Home app: No, really. The app. We don't have a website. Websites are so last century.


My mood this morning upon being reminded that people use runkit in production.

Unreasonably pleased with my "Status Acre" in Factorio.

The big numbers show the various science packs I have queued for research. So I can see what's falling behind and needs more production.

The three small numbers show:
* Purple: Current accumulator charge percent.
* Red: Current low-point tracking.
* Yellow: Pervious minimum level.

So I can see how close I come to running out of power overnight.

The graph at bottom shows my accumulator charge levels at 3 second rolling intervals.

Day one with AT&T fiber. Connection dropped like a rock after four hours. According to the virtual assistant, I should go ahead and wait for my technician to show up in 15 years, 9 months, and 24 days.

At least they're honest...

uspol, covid stimulus checks 

I'm siding with Mendoza on this one.

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