Me: **Has broken 17 button mouse.

Her: You can have this mouse ((offers 8 button mouse))

Me: *scoffs* Thanks, but that's like a baby's toy.

Me: **Orders new 17 button mouse.

Mouse: Has three extra surprise buttons. TWENTY BUTTON MOUSE!

Debugging poorly typed Python and longing for the days of working on PHP.

Setting up to play Goose Goose Duck on mobile has been a janky mcjankyface experience in general, but this actually made me chuckle.

I mean... it's accurate...

Just got this ad targeted at (ex-)FB engineers, and I gotta applaud the recruiting agility.

Learning that Facebook literally flushed every BGP route from their peers...

Me: Trying to figure out who "that guy" is while watching something else...

Imdb: He's also in "Super Mario Bros: The Movie (2022)"

Me: W....wat? WAT?!?!?! Chris Pratt as Mario, Jack Black as Bowser, Keegan-Michael Key as Toad?!

Also me: Cautiously hopeful, but also...

Coworker: **replies with single emoji, see attached image**

Me: Is that.... a crying sunglasses cowboy?

Hover over emoj: :crying-sunglass-cowboy:

Me: At least it's what it says on the tin...

TFW Star Trek in the 90s knew how to handle plague better than most living humans in 2021.

Rude hand gesture 

This photo of me at Yahoo! is around 13 years old at this point. I have never NOT been an immature asshole.

Not even mad, 'cause Apple gets more right than it gets wrong, and I'm exciting to be able to run this headphone for 2.5x as long as advertised.

Wanted to share this image I drew last week. 'paul' and I (smg) have a habit of throwing sus at each other pretty much every round, and we'd just had a series of it being neither of us because the actual imposter was just quietly letting us imp for them.

game play and thematic spoiler 

Okay, since writing the prior toot, we've taken our quest to make our already traumatized daughter cry a step further by quartering her stuffed elephant, Queen Cutie III, who spent the entire agonizing 10 minutes pleading for her life.

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OMG. I'm crying right now. 😂

((Before you ask, no. I don't follow him. It's a "people you may know" recommendation, and I can't be arsed to block him.))

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