Me and coworkers: Chatting around the virtual water cooler, dunking on cryptocurrencies.

Me: Yeah, and then you start mining like... "ScamCoin" or whatever the next new thing is...

The Internet: Actually, that's real, and at one point was work about $70million.

Fuck this planet, man.

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For the love of everything great and holy. Literally moments after posting that status I get THIS email.

I literally can NOT even.

@saramg learning a little bit about the history of the SEC and shady stock schemes:
"None of these crypto grifters have even come up with a novel scam!"

@unlofl Of course not. If it ain't (failing to make strangers) broke, don't fix it.

@saramg That event is a crystal-clear manifestation of my own personal hell.

@tompurl Points for hosting it in Miami, the Holy City of cryptobros everywhere.

@saramg @tompurl "where's my money; you said this was a sure investment?" "MIA..."

@brion @tompurl Took me a second, but that was a groaner worthy of a reply. Well played, sir.

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