My boss' boss posted something in slack about the Supreme Court ruling today. Advising self-care, and if needed time off to address our feelings on this, and wrote up a response, but I didn't post it because it wouldn't have helped anything, but I want to share it here because I need to not bury it.

Continued in next toot, because length.


Honestly, you don't want my opinions here.
My opinions here would get me fired.
I'm out of charity for the rhetoric that has led us here.
I've lost all belief in all parties doing their best for what they believe is right.
It's all I can do to not explode with rage in every corner of my life.

So don't. Don't ask me to discuss it. There's not any amount of self-care that will make this "okay". This is not okay. I am not okay.

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@saramg I don’t have a uterus, yet I sympathize. Shit is fucked.

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