Dear , what's a halfway decent mastodon client for iOS these days? Had used Amaroq, but it started crashing recently. Tried Tootle, but it had a buggy login flow and though I got through that, I now see it doesn't support alt text.

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@saramg And evidently, tootle encodes ' in toots as an html entity "'"

@saramg I’m personally a fan of Metatext. I use it on both my phone and iPad.

@saramg can use it as PWA, just login with your mobile browser and save to home screen.

@saramg So far I'm using Mastodon for iOS. It's not too bad, or at least I've managed to log in and it's not crashed...

@saramg toot isn’t bad. Though I will admit I’ve given up on apps and just use it through the safari browser.

@GoatSarah It's a paid app, so wanna run though my requirements list:

* Multiple account support?
* Crop focus selection?
* Alt text entry?

@GoatSarah Alright, I'll drop the $4 on it. High value recommendations ftw!

@saramg Pinafore is my choice of client on iOS. Saved to home screen, free open source PWA, and includes support for multiple accounts, Alf text, and themes.

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