Dr Strange:MoM, not actually spoilery 

Me watching "Doctor Strange: Multiverse of Madness": This is seriously reminding me of "Evil Dead".

Bruce Campbell starts hitting himself. Shit gets even more Evil Deadish.

Directed by : Sam Raimi

Me: Well, that's that then, isn't it. Also... this music sounds like Danny...

Music By: Danny Elfman

Me: Yep. Called that too. This is just all the nostalgic feels.

Dr Strange:MoM, not actually spoilery 

@saramg My sister who doesn't do horror movies AT ALL was somewhat worried, anything worrying worth recalling or are we good to go?

Dr Strange:MoM, >>>a bit spoilery<<< 

@joepferguson I would call several elements horrorish, there's a giant octopus monster, lots of damned soul wraiths, some undead, and there's one proper jumpscare. Not to mention many physical kills (blood and snapping bones). All that said, I wouldn't call it horror genre. It's action that has horror elements.

Dr Strange:MoM, >>>a bit spoilery<<< 

@saramg LOVED MoM, sister survived. That Bruce cameo tho :D

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