Ignoring paradoxes and the like, imagine your future self walks into the room, provides overwhelming evidence that they are in fact a future incarnation of you.

They then tell you to do something you would NEVER decide to do on your own (e.g. quit your awesome job, divorce your wonderful spouse, murder someone, poke out your own eyes, take your pick). They promise that it will all work out for the best if you.

Do you do it? Do you trust yourself?

@saramg the initial thought that comes to mind is that I don’t trust *causality.* assuming I trust that good things happened to this person, I don’t know that this specific decision will guarantee it. Can the future be changed? The Terminator has been absolutely no help to me in this regard.

@CodingItWrong Assume future you is also Doctor Strange and has not only seen all the timelines, but knows exactly what will happen in this one.


@CodingItWrong Past me was pretty sus, I can only assume future me is as well.

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