Fuck. Google is killing it's google apps free tier.

Fucking hell.

Thousands of nerds who host their family member's email on free-tier gmail suddenly cried out at once.

Well, fuckit... Time to drop google anyway.

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@saramg we're locked in, if it was just me yes, easy to switch, but I'm not going to be able to get all my family members to move their mail, calendar, photos, etc.

@saramg yes, drop them ;)
but dont forget to invite to alternatives before.

@saramg I have two domains affected by this. 😕

One only has one address, and I never used any of the GApp suite; I'm just going to setup a mail forward for that.

The other has all the family addresses. At their lowest tier... that's still $6/user/MONTH! But we have soooo much data in it, we're kind of stuck for the short term (thank god for the grace period with first $0 and then $3/user/month).

I'd push it all to my Nextcloud instance, but I don't want to admin my own mail server. 😠

@mwop Deleted prior toot as I realized you mentioned it. Yeah, I can pare down to 2 accounts that I care about, so it's not even a major burden, and I DEFFO don't want to admin my own server, so.... yeah.... samesies.

@mwop @saramg Then pay some hoster to host the domain incl. Email. Should be less than 6$ per user per month...

Gandi has a decent offer IMO

@heiglandreas It's more than just email, though - documents, photos, contacts, etc. I can push most of it into Nextcloud, and then move email elsewhere, if needed, though. Just... not ideal. /cc @saramg

@mwop Then go for the full package? 😉

It'll always be "inconvenient" to move from an existing infra. That's what they are counting on 😉
/cc @saramg

@heiglandreas @saramg I've been self-hosting my instance, but at these prices, it may make sense to migrate.

I'll have to see how to migrate Google docs and other data still, and it affects the whole family... But I've got 6 months to make that happen.

@mwop @saramg I'm running a lot of email on MxRoute. Affordable with multi-domain support (and no running your own mail server 😉)

@Skoop @saramg Yep, they're my plan for the domain with the single address! Just stumbled across them earlier this week, and the research I did shows they're solid - but glad to hear from someone I know who uses it!

@saramg Indeed, I agonized over this in January -

Earlier this week I migrated my family's domain email to a ProtonMail Visionary Account. The price was roughly the same as if I had stayed with Google.

-ve: only 20GB total across all accounts
-ve: Android app is sluggish

+ve: you get 10 ProtonVPN logins
+ve: not Google

@saramg I've been hosting my own (and family's) mail and website(s) for decades. Never gone for the Google stuff and I'm now being smug about it.

@derickr I used to host my own email, but *cry* I don't wanna.... There's no way I'll actually keep my shit patched.

@saramg @derickr Exactly this. I used to manage mail servers, including a bulk mailer, and never want to touch that tech again due to the headaches.

@derickr @saramg

Same. Mine is all on some quality shared hosting. Cheap, under my control & I can stick some web projects on it.

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