Related, every time I touch Ruby I have to look everything up, even trivial things like "how to write a comment", and I always go through these stages:

1/ Huh, that's neat.
2/ Huh, that's... different.
3/ That's.... what?
4/ WHY????

And people talk shit about PHP...

@saramg I like Ruby a lot, but I know I'm weird lol! It's a very expressive language and you can do pretty much anything you want, so it's basically PERL from a mirror universe. I also understand why people don't like it though


@fabio Oh sure, I realize my reactions are all very much based in my experiences in other languages. If I lived and breathed Ruby on the regular, I'd probably have very different feelings.

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@saramg For sure! Even Javascript can be cool sometimes (not React though, I have PTSD from working with React - especially with Redux)

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