Me at 12: I'll just use the pillow case to slide down the stairs. Much fun!

Me at 40-something: I'll just walk down the stairs in my socks, cause it's cold.

** Sara slips and bounces down every step right on her tailbone, smashing several toes and both thumbs along the way.

Don't get old, kids.

Update, this has produced an adorable bruise on my left buttock and it's taking everything I have not to post a butt selfie.

I hope you heal up quickly and your pain meds are effective

@paulgatling I'm at the "finding all the new and funny ways to say 'I broke my ass' while holding a smile on my face" phase.

Getting old isn't glamorous, this I'm learning in new ways very frequently..

@saramg i got warm socks with sticky soles for *exactly* this reason 😆

first time i slipped on the stairs it scared the bf half to death thinking i'd died

@robey Meanwhile my wife walked over cackling because it was evidently quite funny.

I used to have grippy socks, but then I stopped wearing socks regularly and fuck knows where they're at.

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