Me: Oh hey! That gives me an idea for a satire!

Me: I wonder if anyone else has come up with this joke...

The Internet: Yes, nearly half a decade ago.

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@saramg if you include the red lights on the pain inducer remote control, then there are 6 lights. (Not to mention all the small lights in the columns in the back).
I bet Gul Madred would not have been amused by that answer though. ;)

I do still wonder if Madred just wanted Picard to say he saw five lights, or if he actually regarded himself as the fifth light.
Being in the #Cardassian military, I assume the latter.

"You are six years old, weak and helpless. You cannot hurt me!"

@saramg Technically, there are six *points at the blinky bibbitybobs in his hand like a complete muppet* :blobcheeky:

*proceeds to get dragged away by the guards for being a clever clogs*


*selects 5 squares*

* -- -- *
* * * --
-- -- -- --
-- -- -- --


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