I wish I didn't understand why software starts out usable then *intentionally* degrades to utter crap through the addition of poorly thought through "features".

I wish I could wonder in ignorance, but I can't. I've seen the sausage get made by the same cookie cutter mediocre no talent hacks over and over again, and they always fail up.

@saramg You get something similar with systems too especially in academia where you still sometimes find unix systems that have been administered by a succession of random postgrads that haven't been updated or sometimes even rebooted in years but have had extra functions bodged on as it seemed like a good idea to... someone...

@saramg I'm in a twilight zone of having accepted this as fact and full of new hope because I'm switching out employers soon. Also, still struggling to accept I've been made this cynical at my age. This will be my first time going to a developer driven employer, where every single person does some form of work as a developer. Hope to see them be an exception to this rule.

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