People, esp outside USA, should know that there's a tavern here where you can throw axes at targets.

Haha I lied. There is a chain of three such taverns.

It's called Kick Axe. Look it up. Avoid USA.


@amcooper Chicago has such a place as well.

More fun to me is when I visited Colombia, I was introduced to what is apparently a very common game called "Tejo". Kinda like cornhole, but you throw iron balls at a clay pit.

Oh, and the pit is covered in black powder, and the object it to make it go 'boom'.

Oh, and it's expected that you're drinking while you play.

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@saramg There's one here in Brooklyn. Its siblings are in Philadelphia and D.C. Chicago too? Who on earth sells them liability insurance? Do you have to sign a waiver?

I fear I'm getting to old for Kick Axe and Tejo and what-not 🧐

@amcooper Sorry, the one in Chicago isn't a Kick Axe. It's called like... Black Oak something or other.

As for getting too old. I literally tore my rotator cuff last time I tried axe throwing.

As for Tejo; I just have awful aim.

@saramg I'm just gonna leave axe throwing and tejo to the tipsy professionals.

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