Shockingly, my CPU built in Factorio works well, and my compiler (it produces a blueprint for building ROM cells out of constant combinators and comparators) is a thing of beauty.

I think I'll translate the compiler to Javascript and put it on a page.

Because I can.

@derickr Both functional and incredibly enlightening. It's fed directly into this Factorio project, actually.

@saramg how?!

Also, did you listen to the voices podcast from sunshine?

@saramg I'd be happy to re-record this for php internals news!

@saramg I'll email! What times work best for you? Best for me is Mon/Thu /Fri 9am-5pm UTC

@derickr Weds, after 10am CST. Not this week though as I'm in NYC.

@derickr Sorry. I totes didn't look at the times you posted. How about we do like....13:00 UTC ? That'll be 08:00 CST once DST kicks in for the US next week. Pretty much any day will do at that time.

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