Features I need to contribute to Mastodon:

1/ Two new profile options
1.a/ "I only crosspost from other social media networks"
1.b/ "Automatically hide posts from people who only cross-post"

2/ "Soft" mute option: "Hide all toots from this user unless they mention me by @ identifier"

I don't expect #1 to be effective because they requires people to police themselves, but #2 would be helpful.

And that's it. I'm done. I've no more fucks to give today, my fucks are fucking spent.


Things DJT does not need for Christmas.

* A shovel: The man digs like a phenomenon.

Search for "recoil meme", get a bunch of photos of guns (because recoil from the firing)... okay...

Search for "recoil in horror meme", get a bunch of photos of POTUS.

Yeah... that seems about right.

Gives up on googling for reaction photo.

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This is how much peaceful protests are being respected. Can someone tell me where were all the mythical good cops?

RT @weslyinfinity@twitter.com

What @kcpolice@twitter.com did today was UNFORGIVABLE and UNFORGETTABLE

🐦🔗: twitter.com/weslyinfinity/stat

TIL; The citation character † is called a DAGGER by unicode (U+2020).

Went looking for this when I realized RocketChat (a Slack-esque chat client) has bad escaping rules for the asterisk. "Dagger" was NOT among my search terms. :/

uspol, religion, language 

Hearing WWJD (What Would Jesus Do) in regard to these protests...

Bitch, Jesus would burn the system to the fucking ground.

That's what Jesus would do.

git reset HEAD@{2015} --hard --really-fucking-hard

Years ago, when we lived in NYC, my wife dubbed me "The Poop Whisperer" because I could always get the dog to poop when I took her out, no matter the weather.

Today, I earned my Poop Whisperer creds again. My poor, ACL-recovering dog hadn't pooped in over 24 hours. And THIS GAL got her to poop within 3 minutes of stepping outside.

I need to learn how to teach this method and start a youtube channel.

How is it the Nintendo switch costs more to buy USED today than it did NEW three years ago?

That feeling when you're like, "This pandemic isn't dystopian enough. Ya know what we need? Riot shielding."

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It’s amazing what you can play with just a few chords on the guitar. Here’s a song with just ACAB.


So no. No. Fucking no. You don't get a pass for "making a mistake" in a "high-stress situation".


Not all cops are bastards, but you bitches are.

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1/ Taken as a single incident, this can be dismissed as someone making a mistake in a high-stress situation.

2/ OH MY FUCKING GAWD. You bitches just arrested a journalist on LIVE FUCKING NEWS who was complying with every single request (as documented on LIVE FUCKING NEWS) then lied about it AS IT WAS HAPPENING ON THE LIVE FUCKING NEWS.

3/ All of this while dealing with the fallout of letting yet another black man get murdered by thugs in uniform.

You are such a disgraces.

Me: I wanna take the dog for a walk.
Outside: Rapidly dropping barometer, dark clouds.
Me: Hrmmm probably gonna rain soon, we should hurry.
Dog: What, can't you feel the weather? ((translated from: stubbornly refuses to walk))
Me: Oh, come on, you big baby.

**two blocks later**

Clouds: HAHAHAHAHA FUCK YOU, BUDDY! 🌧️🌧️🌧️🌧️🌧️🌧️🌧️🌧️
Me: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

God. Kids today.

Kids today have NO IDEA how to write halfway decent software.

As a member of Gen-X, I'm ALL about halfway-decent everything.

Wow. Just when you think 45 can't get more inept, he goes and ups the ante on not-remotely-enforceable EOs.

Here's a tip Cheetobro, the government can't limit political speech. That includes speech that calls you a fucking liar. You fucking liar.


£340 for a USB device that will 'protect the user from harmful 5G' using proprietary "stick and sticker" technology.

As in, it's made from a £5 memory stick and a 0.5¢ sticker.

Researching options for buying diet cola in bulk and... well... TIL:

Good news: Professional sports are coming back to television.

Bad news: It's just the Origami World Cup, and it's only on... paperview.

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