Just discovered the Mobilinkd TNC3. Basically an open source (hardware and software) portable universal TNC with BLE.
Shut up and take my money.

TFW you realize that "OH SHIT" has a very clean CW shape.

--- .... / ... .... .. -

TFW the solder just won't take and you question your life choices.

Always amazes me what a difference a real antenna makes.

Old rubber duck (disconnected on left) on my SharkRF OpenSpot got me basically just within the house.

New DIY dipole (connected) gets me to the end of the block, and I haven't even moved it to a better location yet.

RT myself from the birdsite cause I'm actually kinda pleased with the simple elegance of this.

Dude. Everything about this.
If they're assaulting external researchers in public, then God only knows what's happened to the engineers who built the platform.

FCC is gonna open back up (temporarily at least) on Monday. Good news for the new hams waiting on their calls!

Sorry Firefox on OSX, I tried really hard to like you, but I can't get my work done if you're going to constantly be stalling my entire system with your CPU hogging nonsense. Love always, but I gotta go back to Chrome.

More unfocused outrage on the bird site...
Hiding here awhile. Please don't let them find us.

One of the best parts about having switched exclusively to Celsius some ten+ years ago is that having just moved to the midwest and experienced proper cold, I now have ZERO idea what muggles mean when they talk about it being 10°F out. I'd never experienced sub-freezing temperatures growing up.

To be fair, I don't properly appreciate my phone saying -12°C either. wtf even is all this snow?

I always assume this is the case, but a littls confirmation evidence is pleasantly soul crushing once in awhile.

People like: "What do you mean my smart TV is spying on me???"

It's like you people have never been to this timeline before. Also, disconnect your TVs from the internet. There's no point in giving them any access at all.

Newest receiver in the shack.
Raspberry Pi 3 with an RTL-SDR.
A lil software to sort out, but this'll make a slick portable APRS/ADS-B/Foxhunt rig.

Hearing tale that even via Laurel, new licenses aren't being processed by the FCC due to the shutdown (was hoping the computers still worked).

Feel bad for anyone taking their Tech exam right now.

Ranting with mild (for me) language. Show more

Ah, it's actually bouncing to a larger circle which extends beyond the borders of the original square image, so what I thought were rounded corners were a slight optical illusion, but still neat.

Just noticed that a mastodon profile image (on a profile page, not in a tweet) will "bounce" from a regular circle to a rounded corner square when you hover over it. Neat.

I love the elegance of simple human-oriented engineering.

No unnecessary features, no "cloud", not even a time of day clock.
Nothing but a trivial count-up timer that resets on an action the user is *already performing anyway*.

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