Poke is so good that even when it's mediocre, it's still SO GOOD.

TFW you think "the implementation can't be that bad, can it?"
**Peers into source

Non-snark quote from whiteboard at work (listing potential responses to a verification failure).

I feel seen.

TFO (TCP Fast Open) is a feature you should all be enabling in all of our apps (or at the server level) now.

Blogpost forthcoming soon because this one weird trick is just too good.

i've been using this laptop on my desk (with a real keyboard attached) for so long that I had forgotten the MacBook Pro doesn't actually have a keyboard built in.

It just has a collection of rage inducing tiles laid out in demon order.

Few things in life give the kind of joy I get from feeding youtube spam to the gmail spam-learner.

Been using FB a little more since leaving Twitter and... It's really kinda gone downhill technically. Forget social implications and the general garbage file state of the platform; I'm talking about the implementation. The state of notifications is just... unusable. Search has gotten less relevant. Like... how are they moving backward so hard?

Brutal fliht, but.... ensconced in usual NYC hotel, solid wifi, no street noise, and Doritos and Salsa from the DR next door.

Just witnessed someone make a phone call on a mobile phone which produced DTMF tones when she dialed.

Okay, LostGenerationer.

@saramg Of course, I also recall begging my mom for that sweet 16KB expansion module for my Timex Sinclair 1000 a decade and a bit before that.

Merry Christmas to me. Just added 32GB of memory to my gaming and VM rig. 32GB....

I have a distinct memory of sitting in a sandwich shop with coworkers thumbing a copy of "Computer Shopper" and dreaming of buying a 32MB SIMM for my computer. That module cost $996 at the time. For three orders of magnitude less space than I picked up today for $99.

I fucking love mores law.

Me in the kitchen when a dish goes SO horribly wrong that I change my menu on the fly.

notepad.exe is my Jira.
Also, I don't use windows.

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PHP 7.4.0 Relased!!!
Typed Properties, Short Lambdas, Preloading, ... IT'S ALL HERE!!!

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Note to everyone using Wikipedia & Wikimedia Commons' XML data dumps -- the format will be changing slightly starting February 1, including additional data slots for pages that contain them. This may cause problems with some parsing libraries, so please check out the docs to prepare for the change!


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@saramg Actual directions from car, since we were turning at the dividing point between north and south:

"In 100m turn right at North Northwest Highway and proceed Southeast on South Northwest highway."

We were pissing ourselves laughing by the time we arrived.

* Gets in car, checks email to get address of where we're going.

1234 South... Northwest Highway?

* Checks map... and it's on the east side of the road. Somehow that's better.

@mdszy Dude, did I scare you off calling you stalker? It was just a joke!

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