Fuck man. Six episodes in and I'm not sure I can watch much more.

The horror is compounded by the fact that people like these Karen mother fuckers not only DID exist in those days, but STILL DO.

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Getting into THEM ( imdb.com/title/tt9064858/ ).

Synopsis calls it horror, but one episode in, only horror I'm seeing is racism and possibly some schizophrenia.

Ep 2 introduces more traditional horror (jump scares and all), but still not sure if that's a manifestation of detachment from reality (who can blame her tbqh), or actual ghosts.

Had this problem with the Haunting of Hill House as well. I wanted the story to be about the psychosis of loss, but it ended up just being spirits. Hope this does better.

Amazon video recommended "Spontaneous" for me. "Members of the senior class start exploding without warning and a couple of kids learn how to live when you could die tomorrow" or some such.

Fine. I just like background noise so I'll watch it.

Fuck's sake. Might as well be called "SCHOOL SHOOTINGS ARE KILLING OUR KIDS AND NOBODY GIVES A FUCK" for all the subtlety it applies. At one point they just start dunking on Republicans with no context or warning. Just because.


My mood this morning upon being reminded that people use runkit in production.

Holy shit, y'all. Golden Corral. No. Fuck no. Holy shit. Fuck no. Why? No. Fuck off. No.

Long form post: Day 2 in the Polestar 2 EV, or... how I learned to stop worrying and love Pennsylvania.


Okay. Due fairness to VMWare.
It's just my positively necrotic Fusion8 that's not supported on macOS 11. That license I bought ilke.... 15+ years ago.

Okay, fair. I'll give you a few bucks for a modern license (yes, I know player is free, but honestly I get lots of use out of this, they deserve a couple bucks).

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Mother fucker.
VMWare Fusion apparently just... doesn't work with macOS >= 11.1 (Big Sur)
Even on intel hardware.
Because fuck the users, amirite?

Re-binging "Silicon Valley" and being reminded of that time Facebook ran an ad comparing itself to chairs.

Please, let the internet never allow Facebook to live that down.



std::map is ordered....
You were expecting std::unordered_map you muppet.

Nevermind. Just as I gave up and asked, $wife found it. "The assignment" with Donald Sutherland.

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I keep thinking it's a Robert Redford film, but that's not checking out.

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Dear LazyWeb; Looking for a spy film from roughly the late 90s including the code-word exchange:
Spy 1/ Lovely weather we're having.
Spy 2/ But not as nice as two summers ago.

Not 100% sure about line 1, but line 2 is at least 90% right.

Unreasonably pleased with my "Status Acre" in Factorio.

The big numbers show the various science packs I have queued for research. So I can see what's falling behind and needs more production.

The three small numbers show:
* Purple: Current accumulator charge percent.
* Red: Current low-point tracking.
* Yellow: Pervious minimum level.

So I can see how close I come to running out of power overnight.

The graph at bottom shows my accumulator charge levels at 3 second rolling intervals.

Had an event today to remind me of my Grandmother's passing last year. Long story short, I'm now reading through the family records she compiled (massive binder full of Golemons) and I get to a great-great-aunt, born 1920. Okay... Spouse: Dale, born 1945.

Blink.... Way to go aunt Nadine! O.G. Cougar.

Dates of death: Within four months of each other in 1987.

**Heart audibly breaks...

TFW the bugfix is +1/-1, but the testing is +107/-81

Me getting progressively angry at code: "Oh, for fuck's sake, mate..."

Her (laughing): I love how you go Aussie when you're frustrated.


Her: This is why we lost the Emu wars.

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