Watching "YOU" (2018-) on Netflix. It reminds me a ton of Dexter (2006-2013).

Minus: Takes longer to get started and generally just moves slower overall.
Plus: The main character (Joe) isn't a completely sociopath with an absolute moral code and no remorse for his murders. Instead, we get a sociopath who backs himself into murders but is plagued with guilt over them.

Minus: Joe isn't actually likable. I liked Dexter, even knowing he was a serial killer.
Plus: Joe does feel more plausible. Terrifyingly.

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Trump's new social network is preparing to launch... look familiar?

I advise you get on blocking the below domains.

You knew it was going to happen.

Boost it far and wide!


I really hope the afterlife is either:

1/ The end of consciousness and the being that once was Sara is literally no more.


2/ God sees me coming and just gives me a hug and says, "It's going to be okay."

Anything else is probably hell, and I'm not down for that.

New MBP looks amazing. I actually am literally amazed that they listened to user complaints about magsafe power and builtin hdmi. I even love that USB-C PD continues to be supported alongside magsafe (because we all have old bricks and also single-cable docking stations are bae).

That notch though.... hahahahahahahha.

Me: Hrmmm I haven't flown Sourhwest in awhile, I guess I'll give em another shot.

Southwest: **Is usual shit show**

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PSA: someone leaked the Linux kernel source. This software runs huge portions of Internet infrastructure. Please be careful with your data!

Woof. Time to get on a plane. This is fine.

bird site, garbage hot-takes 

So evidently this is what I'm missing out on by having left Twitter.

Each and every person who maintains a vital part of an ecosystem (library, compiler, tooling) has a responsibility to ensure their succession.

In my youth, I dreaded writing bad code lest someone later judge me for it.

As an old lady, I now regret not writing more shitty code for zoomer brats to suffer through.

TIL that Yahoo wasn't just chopped up and sold as spare parts, it was fucking put through a tree shredder and what came out the other side scared Friendster into sucking livejournal's girl cock.

Oh, and because apparently we're doing this now and I'm already in a bad mood, "Fuck Columbus."

Busting out "With all due respect..." too much this morning.

It really is the Yankee's "Bless your heart..." isn't it?

The resolution seems to be "OtherBank is going to charge me X% on what I make off this account instead of you, because you refused to believe that I don't work for a company that doesn't exist anymore and hasn't been your client in a decade."

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Bank: "You don't need to worry about the address on this closed account being wrong. It's not like we send tax documents with social security numbers through the mail or anything. Also, we're the most secure!"

Me: **Trying to find a professional way to reply with "Bitch, please."

I'd forgotten what a beautifully crafted film "Desperado" (1995) is.

Just the first big gun fight alone is... *chefs-kiss*

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Wow. How long has the "integrity" script property existed in HTML? Such an obvious and simple thing to use in a world where JS is pulled in from all over the place.

I can't possibly be the only person who finds mandatory annual "Insider trading is bad, m'kay?" trainings just a bit fucking insulting, right?

Like, maybe the first one is justified as part of onboarding, sure. Just to make sure the rules are known and clear.

Every year? Are engineers so stupid that we forget after 11 months and need a refresher? Is that who companies believe are writing their mission critical software?

Not aimed at any one company 'cause they all do it. But who thinks this is useful?

Character A: **Kills random kid

Me: WTF?! What even was his motivation?!

Character B is revealed to be kid's father.

Me: Oh... I get it, A is manipulating B. To radicalize him.

A: **Kills B for no reason.

Me: WAT?! Why is he even killing?! There's no point to his actions, he's just being evil for the sake of being evil!

A: I didn't go to evil medical school for seven years to be "Mr" evil.

Just got this ad targeted at (ex-)FB engineers, and I gotta applaud the recruiting agility.

I'm not sayin', but I am just sayin'...

If Facebook had stuck with PHP instead of moving to HHVM, then MAYBE today wouldn't have gone so poorly.

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