Vomiting is such a bizarre feeling. Like, you're in control of most of your body, EXCEPT the actual vomit. It's like: This outflow is GOING TO HAPPEN, and all you can do is aim. Like there's some unseen other force pushing your PUKE button without your consent.

Just freaky-deeky.

Just make it through today. Just this morning. Just one God damned dog walking...

I should write a second programming book called "Internal Screaming Intensifies"

Related, how do YOU (personally) pronounce that name?

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Argh! I want to watch the baby throw a tantrum, but he's been banned from every social network I'm willing to come within pinging distance of.

uspol, unlikely anti-maskers 

Watching the inauguration. Everyone wearing a mask. EXCEPT ONE RANDOM BABY IN THE CROWD!!!!


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Me: So, you ready for the riots this weekend?
Her: You mean next week.
Me: They're saying 16th through 20th. It's going to be a whole 5-day magapalooza.
Her: That's actually what they're calling it, isn't it?
Me: Nah, I just made that word up.
Her: **googles** No. They really are calling it that.

Her: I bought this bottle of local wine (shows front label featuring "Chicago" prominently).
Me: (Turns bottle around...)

If a Ferenghi gets an ear piercing, do they call it a Negas Albert?

Update: This should have stopped at one season, and the last episode should have been:
A: Lawrence realizing the cycle of abuse he was perpetuating and forfeiting.
B: Diaz realizing he was learning the wrong lesson and forfeiting.
C: B and both Diaz and Keene calling it a draw.
D: Some other combination of people growing the fuck up.

TL;DR A long form movie would have served this better.

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Netflix has been trying to push "Cobra Kai" on me for a solid month now. I've been avoiding it as I'd assumed it'd be nothing but shameless money-grabbing nostalgia.

And like... it does hit the nostalgia pretty hard, but it also tells the story of two men trapped by their shared past. Neither truly the villain, neither truly the hero.

Very binge worthy.

birdsite, fb, schadenfreude 

Nothing has given me quite so much delight this morning as seeing Wil Wheaton's reaction to Trump's tweeter ban.

Trump got banned from Twitter?
Pfft. Poser.
I've been banned for a year now.

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Don’t forget that it is Friday and you are allowed to stop doing what you are doing and take a break.

uspol, casablanca 

Trump: "I'm shocked, shocked to find that rioting is going on in here!"
Donors believing his election fraud claims: "Your graft, sir."

I'm not saying Microsoft ruins EVERYTHING, but ever since they bought GitHub, I've found that I can't leave PR tabs open for too long as they're eventually white screen the browser tab and the only way to get it back is to reopen the page in a whole new tab.

But I'm sure that's unrelated to MS's takeover...

uspol, nihilism 

Woke up and decided to google "do we still have a democracy"...

Well, asked and answered, I suppose:

uspol, dank mode 

Chrome knows how bleak things looks, why not embrace it?

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