Joke in what is almost certainly very poor taste 

Say what you want about Adolf Hitler, but he'll forever be the Man who Killed Hitler.

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Do not ask for whom the git blames: it blames for thee

20 years on, is the spoiler window closed yet? 

The episode sets up Fred to exact vengeance on the man directly responsible for her trauma. She's ready to pull the trigger, literally. Then James realizes the only way he can protect her for her own grief is to kill him before she gets a chance.

BUT OF COURSE THAT'S NOT ANY BETTER!! All he's done is replace her direct action with an indirect one and thrown in some bonus trauma for himself.

It's entirely expected from the character and entirely tragic.

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Rewatching Angel, and just got to S4E5 Supersymmetry.

HOLY HELL. I've seen this episode before and it still shocked the fuck out of me.

Spoilers (for a 20 year old show) in followup toot.

So evidently "Gympass" is garbage. That's good to know.

Sexually suggestive 

Today's "Amazon pushing sexually inappropriate merch on Sara" entry:

@saramg And evidently, tootle encodes ' in toots as an html entity "'"

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Dear , what's a halfway decent mastodon client for iOS these days? Had used Amaroq, but it started crashing recently. Tried Tootle, but it had a buggy login flow and though I got through that, I now see it doesn't support alt text.

Trying to buy a fucking piece of plastic with a site full of terrible UX and security antipatterns: Totes normal, whatever.

That site being my locked-in medical equipment provider: Fucking yikes, man. How do you get so many things wrong?

Amazon just asked me if I own[sic] a cat. It offered the choices "No", "Kitten", "Adult", or "Senior".

Nobody involved with this UX owns a cat.

1/ Cats own people, not the other way around, let's get that right.
2/ There's no option for "multiple".

Dr Strange:MoM, not actually spoilery 

Me watching "Doctor Strange: Multiverse of Madness": This is seriously reminding me of "Evil Dead".

Bruce Campbell starts hitting himself. Shit gets even more Evil Deadish.

Directed by : Sam Raimi

Me: Well, that's that then, isn't it. Also... this music sounds like Danny...

Music By: Danny Elfman

Me: Yep. Called that too. This is just all the nostalgic feels.


Me chattering with coworker: Thing is, Mother's Day is my least favorite time to call my mom. Always feels forced. As opposed ti just being like, "Hey mom, how ya been?"

The universe: Oh, you want the date to not be the reason? Okay.

Sister calls me up: Uncle (mom's bro) just passed away.

This is not better.

For the lower end of tasks (quitting a job, committing some minor crime), I can probably say I would.

For the upper end? Fuck man.... I don't think I could take that kind of shit on faith.

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Ignoring paradoxes and the like, imagine your future self walks into the room, provides overwhelming evidence that they are in fact a future incarnation of you.

They then tell you to do something you would NEVER decide to do on your own (e.g. quit your awesome job, divorce your wonderful spouse, murder someone, poke out your own eyes, take your pick). They promise that it will all work out for the best if you.

Do you do it? Do you trust yourself?

Fuck. Google is killing it's google apps free tier.

Fucking hell.

Thousands of nerds who host their family member's email on free-tier gmail suddenly cried out at once.

Well, fuckit... Time to drop google anyway.

Related, every time I touch Ruby I have to look everything up, even trivial things like "how to write a comment", and I always go through these stages:

1/ Huh, that's neat.
2/ Huh, that's... different.
3/ That's.... what?
4/ WHY????

And people talk shit about PHP...

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