here is a link to a very good video by Danielle Guldin about how to deal with tear gas/cs gas if you are exposed. Danielle is a former Chemical, biological and nuclear weapons specialist for the US Marines.

As part of army basic training I had to spend 10+ minutes in a chamber filled with this crap, it was an extremely painful experience but it wont kill you. I mostly just drooled on myself for several minutes

TL;DR - Don't Panic, don't touch your skin, get to open clean air asap

Just in case anyone is looking for a viable open sourced alternative to all the zoom fever every group, company and organization seems to be catching atm, here is a link to a post on how to use the apache licensed matrix project for just such a thing:

matrix makes good use of jitsi for it's video conferencing and has end-to-end encryption by default -I'm kinda surprised it hasn't gotten a little more attention of late

for more about the project in general:

It dawned on me recently that the US Postal Service is perhaps the only truly universal American gov't service. Everyone in the US regardless of race, creed, orientation or status interacts with and receives services from the Post Office.

Other services are widely used, such as social security and the IRS, but not everyone can or does use these services.

Once congress kills off the Post Office we won't really have much left that binds us as a Nation.

That is a very sad and dangerous place for us to be :(

idk about anyone else but I'm have a hard time giving up all this clean air when this is all over

TIL this site exists:

in case you need help finding that perfect text editor

I'm no bible scholar, so correct me if I'm wrong, but wasn't one of Pharaoh's main arguments for not letting the Israelites go out into the dessert to do their thing was that they were essential employees?😄

huh, why block me from reading their articles with tor-browser

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@djsundog although our hobby rigs aren't built for massive scalability and high availability, and maybe are a couple 9's short of meeting a corporate SLA, I tend to think the internet would be much more resilient if it was hosted from millions of basements and garages and branch offices instead of a small number of huge data centres run by an even smaller number of companies, "temporary" or not.

We, as a nation, should be offering real relief for these businesses. Something akin to an unemployment system for small business owners. Actual, mostly unencumbered, cash to businesses to keep them afloat without debt.
Rather then one more asset grab by banks

I'm concerned that the small business loan 'bailout' is putting large multi-national banks in charge of deciding which businesses will get to stay open and/or reopen when this crisis is over.
Banks used the crash in 08 to reverse the trend of making credit widely available to small businesses and made it almost impossible for all but the most 'credit worthy' entrepreneurs to get loans. That trend has only continued in recent years and these bailouts will only make that trend worse
I hope i"m wrong...😞

The Washington State Department of Health corona virus site is effectively down. The statistics on the site were last updated 11:59pm 3/28/20. DOH finally posted this on the site some time tonight:
'We are experiencing technical difficulties with our COVID-19 data repository. We are working diligently to resolve these issues. For more information, please view our statement on the delay in data posting, 3/31/20 (PDF).'
link to pdf:
TLDR; 2 much data + vendor issues = openended delay

There's nothing like going from using a simple unordered list and some table rows on your web page to a proprietary reporting system that uses obfuscated javascript right in the middle of the outbreak. That seems like a really great use of our state governments time and resources . I'm glad to see that there is always time to look out for corporate interests in times of need

The WA state DOH Covid Emergency website is now publishing their numbers at 11:59 pm. Middle of the night reporting, Nice!
They claim they shifted the reporting process to make it more "accurate, timely and complete" But now instead of showing stats by county it eventually(1+min) loads state totals only and a pretty blue colored 'heat' map of the state. No county stats unless you click on each one in a tiny printed list on the side.
But at least they added some advertising for Microsoft on the site!!

WA state DOH published the daily numbers, just slightly later then yesterday, but with this statement attached:
"The state's notifiable conditions database is currently experiencing a slowdown because of a 10-fold increase in the number of lab reports received. Our IT team is working to correct the issue."

A 10-fold increase in lab reports! I'm no that good at math but does this mean we should be multiplying today's numbers by 10 :\
Here's a link to the stats for anyone interested:

Day two of the WA state Dept of Health website not posting COVID-19 numbers at the usual time. At least today they published this on the site:

"Due to reporting difficulties, the number of negative results on the website is from March 23. We will update that number as soon as we have it.
Due to ongoing difficulties, the numbers for March 25 may be delayed."

Hopefully the state doesn't just stop reporting numbers altogether, which is a very real possibility now that FEMA is involved :(

How weak is the US economy, really, if it can't even sustain a slow down for a couple months?

Maybe we should all be talking about restructuring the economy rather than trying to restart the one we have!!!

OK, WA DOH finally published the states numbers, 3 hours later then normal
Here's a link if anyone is interested:

im a little nervous that the Wa State Department of health, which has been posting updated COVID-19 stats everyday at 3pm, have
failed to update those stats today :(

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