@jwildeboer@social.wildeboer.neHi Jan. I am not a f* "expert" at all :) If you are looking for an app to edit & protect data on your chip and get a professional tool at hand on which you can do a lot of fancy NFC related stuff i would recommend NFC tools from wakdev. The app is available for several OS.
NFC Tools is a pro app, but you can use the free version first to see what it is all about. for more sophisticated features u might go with the PRO. fancy stuff can be done with nfc chips. LOVE IT 🍓🍓🍓

Hey, I would like to say thank you 4 the absolutely great new features you implemented and released with the last update. I was waiting long for this. I believe that this step will convince many other user which are looking for an privacy friendly desktop option to use instead of .
Well done friends! Looking forward to the next update and the final implementation of a favourite list. Until then i'll continue promoting your app!



I would be very pleased if we could take a few minutes to remember and pay to a GREAT MAN!

In the next few days, each of us (regardless of skin colour, origin, nationality, religion or language) could think about what our personal contribution could be to improve peaceful togetherness in our immediate neighbourhoods, to resolutely & hatred.

In this spirit, I wish everyone from the bottom of my heart:


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Roll your own @ eff.org/deeplinks/2016/07/new-

Interesting I find:

All the dickheads like the hilarious (State Secretary Obama), the lying, bellicose oligarch queen, the imposing and massively rich Eric Smith (former Chairman & CEO of Google) and even one of the biggest war criminals of all times (besides the undisputed G.H.W. Bush of course), the one & only: Superman Henry Kissinger (State Secretary Nixon) appear in it.

Big Tech is partnering with the 🇺🇸 state [since ever] to rule the 🌎, manipulate the general public & create opinions

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Let's go back, back in time... :september:

GOOGLE IS NOT WHAT IT SEEMS •• when Google met Wikileaks

written in 2014 or 2015 (?)
by Julian Assange

Even though this article was written a few years a go (most of you might know what it is all about), i think it is still worth reading it.

⇨ Check out the amazing note/reverence section, just in case you want to dive into history a lil deeper...




"F*ck🖕B officially silences the President of the United States. For better or worse, this will be remembered as a turning point for control over digital speech."
2021, Jan 7 - EDWARD SNOWDEN on :twitter:

F*🖕B blocks Trump

TECH SUPREMACY: Silicon Valley Can No Longer Conceal Its Power
2021, Jan 16 - TYLER DURDEN



Self liberation is strength • freedom is power • energy and power can be transformed into almost anything 💖 Wish you luck!

I wish all of you who still have to take this step a lot of strength... from the very bottom of my heart. It is the right way. No matter what people will say, no matter what your brother or your mother will say. It is about you. Your TRUE family loves you as you are and will always support you no matter where you go and whatever decisions you make.. 🌈 Be strong - be proud!

Congraz! Coming out is a big thing, being gay is fantastic and being proud of booom-bastic! It needs a lot to go that far and drop off this useless bag carry around filled with bad feelings, fear, discomfort and all the other accumulated crappy stuff in there over time. It makes me very happy to see people (no matter what sexual orientation) shedding their burdens and finally liberating themselves. • 👾 • :pride_flag::bi_flag::transgender_flag::macos:

@Archimage maybe choosing a different theme like mastadon light would help to lighten up and make things a bit brighter .. give it a try :macos:

hello folks 👾 on *.technology, on Mastadon and ... of course a hei to everyone else is reading this out there in the Fediverse. Hope everything goes well.
Smoothly slurped into 2021?

Want to say hi as I moved to mastadon.technology a while a go... happy browsing, cheers s

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