Let's go back, back in time... :september:

GOOGLE IS NOT WHAT IT SEEMS •• when Google met Wikileaks

written in 2014 or 2015 (?)
by Julian Assange

Even though this article was written a few years a go (most of you might know what it is all about), i think it is still worth reading it.

⇨ Check out the amazing note/reverence section, just in case you want to dive into history a lil deeper...


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Interesting I find:

All the dickheads like the hilarious (State Secretary Obama), the lying, bellicose oligarch queen, the imposing and massively rich Eric Smith (former Chairman & CEO of Google) and even one of the biggest war criminals of all times (besides the undisputed G.H.W. Bush of course), the one & only: Superman Henry Kissinger (State Secretary Nixon) appear in it.

Big Tech is partnering with the 🇺🇸 state [since ever] to rule the 🌎, manipulate the general public & create opinions

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