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My job as a remote software engineer means my office can be anywhere.
Even a moving car πŸš™ πŸ‘©β€πŸ’»

Gonna make an attempt at getting back to running, if y'all could encourage me that'd be great 😊 πŸƒβ€β™€οΈ

FYI train tickets in Amsterdam contain NFC chips.

Doesn't seem to have any cool information in though. It does have a lot of data on, but it's all in hex.

@samathy It was actually super easy.

Enable legacy booting with the JohnLewis SeaBIOS script (
Boot an Arch USB Stick.
Format the Flash to MBR.
Install Arch to the flash.

I was pretty productive today - Arch Linux on my Acer C730 Chromebook.

I am a bird 🐦 mum now! I have 2 gorgeous parrotlets.

On the perch is Q. So named because he escaped the box when we got him home and mischievously evaded capture.

Seven of Nine is clinging the cage, a 2018 baby!

Both boys.

Today I Learned: It is valid C to declare the types of a function's arguments after the function definition.

Not just valid, but this is how defining a function is described in K&R's The C Programming Language!

I wrote up how I got DSLinux 🐧 running on a pink DSLite recently!

I am now attempting to build DSLinux so I can maybe get a newer kernel (> 2.6 ) running on the thing.
Although that has turned into building GCC because the toolchain binaries don't run *sigh* πŸ™„

I'm walking in the Birmingham Pride Parade tomorrow and bringing my camera + flash - first time I'll be properly trying out the flash without the pressure of *working* an event.

It's been a busy evening.

Write up coming tomorrow about getting DSLinux running (although it was mostly seemless), as well as probably an attempt to build a newer kernel.

It's interesting how knowing the lengths of types for different common machines was once really important.

Nowadays we can (reasonably) safely assume the sizes across most platforms.

Photo: The C Programming Language

Tonight's exciting activities include installing Arch on an Acer Chromebook C730.

Pictured here, a root shell on Chrome OS, ready to begin.

I think teenage me put a little too much thermal paste on this GPU core.

We went to see The Last Ship on Saturday and I highly recommend it if you get a chance.

Its *very* Sting, but even if you don't go for Sting's music it's a fantastic production about the denationalisation of industry and British socialism in the 80s.

The music is fantastic, but the stage work was incredible.
Great use of projection throughout the whole show.

I bought this battery powered soldering iron from either Lidl or Aldi for only Β£5 a while ago.
Its actually fantastic.

I was expecting it to take ages to heat up and possibly catch fire.
But its really good!

@samathy Also, I learnt how to read the diagram showing the polarity of the barrel connector! So learnt a new skill whilst using old ones.

Today I repaired a friend's fairy lights. The cable had broken so it needed a new barrel connector.

Its only a little thing, but I'm glad I have the skills to tackle it and fix it for them. 😊

Trying to get back to running again, but it seems that I've got so unfit my asthma is back and making breathing very hard.

I decided to wear my nice beige heeled shoes today, since it's so sunny, and of course, my reward for looking nice is that the heels of my feet are destroyed and will probably be painful for a few days. πŸ™ƒ

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