The impact is so small it makes it look like the plane weights nothing.

I mean, I feel like a car dropped from that height would have a more impactful landing.


Today they dropped a plane from the gantry at work!


I recently created a pintrest account so I could have a board for the aesthetic I'm aiming for.

But honestly I think its basically just Shank from Ralph Breaks the Internet with a bit of added cyberpunkiness.

Hm, compiler bug?

Including the 'const' in 'cast(immutable const char[])' causes dmd to SIGKILL.

Love a ticket matchine running Linux 🐧 πŸ‡«πŸ‡·

I would play the heck out of this, especially if it had buildings from Coventry in.


Now I wanna make a horror game in the classic PS1 low poly style, that's just brutalist architecture. Fog drenched, eerie, looming brutalism.


Today some UK Pythonistas visited the Raspberry Pi store. 🐍 πŸ–₯️ 🐍

Ich fahre mit dem Zug nach Cambridge!

Es war sehr teuer, aber der Zug ist ein Intercity 125/BR43, so, nicht so schlecht.

I'm on a train to Cambridge!
It was expensive, but the train is an Intercity 125 ( my favorite ) so it's okay.

The audacity of tweeting for a national vegetarian week but only having one veggie main option. πŸ™„

Which is not fantastic BTW, the old veggie burger was way better. πŸ”


Veggie Mode: On πŸ”˜


Running outside is certainly harder on my asthma than running in the gym.

If I run outside enough, my tolerance gets better and my asthma isn't as bad. But I haven't for ages.

I'm concerned about the message this machine is sending.

I went to over the Easter weekend, here are a few photos of some animals.

Tiny camera arrived!

The D3300 feels like a toy compared to its chunky sibling the D7100. πŸ“Έ It's so much lighter.

Legolas? Is that you? πŸ§β€β™‚οΈ


the national wax museum of ireland just unveiled this daenerys targaryen which supposedly took over six months to create

you're welcome


IMHO the best way to do it is "On my mark..."

0 ambiguity.


We're all doomed


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