The more I use my D3300 for events, the more I just want another D7100/D7200 instead.

This could also be read in the voice of Tony Stark.

"Truth is, I am Gender"


AirBnB is very astute.

Gender of the day: Gender.


Samathy is doing ANOTHER talk later this year.


Magical Code Fairy will be sharing their talk "This is a talk about Nothing" at in October.

Find out more about Samathy & our other speakers here:

πŸ¦πŸ”—:, proprietors of fine tech talks and foxgloves. 🌿 🌸


Ran through my talk again tonight - feeling pretty good about it!

Slides are nice, got my algorithms fresh in my brain, it's gonna go well 😊


is this Monday! Caching and Documenting - talks from &

We'll see you then - 18:30 at!


We have MANY things to say and MANY ears to listen to member's thoughts.



This is about transmasc people - but 100% applies to transfemme people too.

Except instead of binding, its not being able to wear short-shorts, bralettes & tanktops , can't tie up a t-shirt because of dark stomach hair etc etc.

Summer can be rubbish for trans folk.


just getting by


My bird is being very friendly today.

Also, look how tiny he is. 🦜

Wir haben eine neue Katze.

She is a 17 year old cat with 3 legs and one tooth called Millie. We inherited her from my late grandmother.

Ah yes. The good Captain was well know for his love of coin pushing. πŸ––

U....Ug......UuuuGNU ///0w0/// !!! 🀩

( The new logo is very owo anime, its really hard to get that across in text... )


We thought our classic gnu design might need a little freshening up, and since our office just acquired a Wacom tablet and took an Inkscape class together, we tinkered a little with the original design. What do you think of this rough draft?


All non-C++ conferences can henceforth be known as 'Meeting Not C++'


Threw every C++ proposal title in history into a recurrent neural network and some sound surprisingly legit


Die Deutsche BΓΌcher sind hier!

Ich beginne mit 'Die kleine Raupe Nimmersatt'... Weil ich 5 jahre alt bin πŸ˜‚

I love having opportunities to use this gif, because The Road to El Dorado is probably my favorite animated film ever.

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