Does anyone have any Firefox bugs they'd like fixed?

I've got 2 weeks to dedicate to making FF better - send me a link to the ticket!

@samathy The only FF bug I've run into multiple times is this 17-year-old bug about scrollbar CSS styling:

Not an actual request, Very Sarcasm Show more

@samathy Perhaps not a bug, but a feature request: give me back my tab groups so I can background stuff mid-project (out of sight, out of mind) without having to close a bunch of open tabs and lose all the active context I have going on in them.

@samathy What @literorrery said. It's very convenient and for people used to it, there's no real alternative right now.

The reason for this is the unimplemented tab API, namely the tab hiding functionality [1] - most extension developers are waiting for this to build their extensions.

I don't know if that counts as a bug or a feature though. In any case, good luck and thanks for your contribution!


@samathy kinda minor but broke some functionality on sites I’ve built: if you take it on, good luck and thanks! 😁

@samathy Default search to DDG, or something more privacy respecting than Google.
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