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another hot take: FUCK linters. they encourage people to not pay attention to the way their formatting code and then their whole project ends up being a pile of crap only understandable by 10x engineers

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I used to think like this - and have many opinions on how to format code.

But nowadays, since I work with 10s of other engineers and on FOSS, the more consistent code is and the more work can be automated away the better.

I like not having to pay attention and make sure my code is formatted correctly before submitting a patch. Just run a tool and its good to go.

That way, all code is formatted consistently. Which more important than it being formatted the way you want it to be.

Of course - its also important to remember that I am useful as an engineer to solve problems - not spend time adding and removing white space.

Working through some code and finding it hard to read? - Cool, temporarily re-format it the way you enjoy.

I do still have preferred methods of formatting code, which I would implement on my own projects.

But the formatting decisions become mostly immaterial against the benefit of all devs being forced to use the same formatting through linters.

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