I'm available to hire again! 👩‍💻

Available ✳️now✳️ for software development work, remote 🗺 or around Nottingham 🏹
I work in C, C++, Python & more on Linux 🐧 systems. Specialising in low-level problems with a ♥ for open source.

✨ Take a look 👀 at for more info! ✨

Boost this up please pals!

@samathy Not really near you and I'm unsure of the remote policy but we (Jaguar Land Rover) usually have positions open around Manchester or Gaydon.

@neekz0r Huh, I'll have a look around. Thanks!

Fun Fact: I'm from Coventry, UK and have visited several JLR sites around there previously.

@samathy Endless have a couple of remote positions on the desktop team (I'm 1/n of it; we're all remote):

My old pals at Collabora might be interested to hear more about your automotive experience:

@wjt I'm writing up an application for Collabora right now actually!

Mind if I ping you an email about it quickly? Just if you have any pointers to people or skills I should focus on.

@wjt An application to Endless also looks worth my time. Can I mention you in my application?

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