I just received a bunch of hard drives from a friend. I now have a total of 13 disks sitting on my desk 😶

The plan is to build a file-server in this Mac G5 case I have. I now have *most* of the parts I need. But I probably need to think about getting some more DDR3 since I'm not sure 4GB is enough for several TB of zfs.

I've got a couple of cases to butcher for drive cages.

I've got 4 1TB drives and 1 2TB drive.
Suggestions ZFS zraid level? I care more about capacity and integrity than performance.

I've actually got 4 32GB drives and a 500GB SSHD too, but I'm not entirely sure those will be useful.

Plus I don't think I actually have many SATA ports on the AMD FX board I have. AFAIK, its only 6?

And of course, the number of drives really depends on how many I can physically fit inside a Mac G5 case - since its not actually that big of a chassis inside.


My plan for the server is hosting files, and running some small applications including: OpenVPN, MPD, HTTP cache, DNS server, CalDav, Mastodon?

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