I'm available to hire again! πŸ‘©β€πŸ’»

Available ✳️now✳️ for software development work, remote πŸ—Ί or around Nottingham 🏹
I work in C, C++, Python & more on Linux 🐧 systems. Specialising in low-level problems with a β™₯ for open source.

✨ Take a look πŸ‘€ at sbarratt.co.uk/hireme.html for more info! ✨

Boost this up please pals!

C programming be like spending ages finding the cause of a double-free SegFault and feeling elated to discover it. 🀩 πŸ’―

But then to remember double-free should never be something you can actually do in the first place. :oh_no_bubble: 😢

Finally changed my font from envypn, to Inconsolata after mistaking an 8 for a 0.

Can you guess which is envypn and which is the much easier to read, Inconsolata? πŸ˜‚

Got an email saying my PlusNet DSL has been set up.

Instantly set up a static IP.

Idk how PlusNet can afford to reserve that many ipv4 addresses and only charge a Β£5 setup fee, but it's most of why we switched πŸ’―

My plan for the server is hosting files, and running some small applications including: OpenVPN, MPD, HTTP cache, DNS server, CalDav, Mastodon?

I've actually got 4 32GB drives and a 500GB SSHD too, but I'm not entirely sure those will be useful.

Plus I don't think I actually have many SATA ports on the AMD FX board I have. AFAIK, its only 6?

And of course, the number of drives really depends on how many I can physically fit inside a Mac G5 case - since its not actually that big of a chassis inside.

I just received a bunch of hard drives from a friend. I now have a total of 13 disks sitting on my desk 😢

The plan is to build a file-server in this Mac G5 case I have. I now have *most* of the parts I need. But I probably need to think about getting some more DDR3 since I'm not sure 4GB is enough for several TB of zfs.

I've got a couple of cases to butcher for drive cages.

I've got 4 1TB drives and 1 2TB drive.
Suggestions ZFS zraid level? I care more about capacity and integrity than performance.

So Facebook seems to have clocked on hard to me being a girl and been showing me lots of advadtisements for things like corsets, lingerie and swimwear.
So every time I log on I just see pretty things that I wish I could wear, but can't, and feel like I won't ever be able to.

After a lengthy conversation with @1stvamp I am more encouraged than ever to run my own Mastodon instance.

OC I really don't want to pull a card from the Deck of Many Things - but my character loves chance and luck and risking chaos so HERE WE GO!! πŸƒπŸŽ²

Are there tools that exist for reviewing code patches? Just viewing a textual diff is incredibly hard.

Did a good job shooting myself in the foot today. πŸ˜‚

Tidying up - AKA hiding everything you'll need in the next few days.

It's Sunday, a day for resting.
a day for enguaging in a hobby, something entirely different from one's day job.

As such, I spent a large portion of my day hacking on a Kobo Touch eReader. πŸ™ƒ

If you ever need to know all the details of the registry keys used to fill Windows' OpenWith list, I can advise. In detail.

Oh gosh this is my life now.

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11:00pm is too late of an hour to be trying to understand triple-level C pointers...

I just want a reference to an array of char *s! Why can't my brain understand all the redirection.....

Don't you ever tell me that error handling in C is totally fine.

This function can return anything >= 0 as success.
Alternatively, -1 on failure, or 0 on a different failure.

[Using C89 with wide char strings]

It feels so wrong to have to define a string before I can pass it to a function.

Like, its a static string but I can't just write it as a function argument because C89 can't make a string out of Windows wide chars.

I had one of *those* Dr's appointments today.
The kind where you go for [unrelated thing] and the Dr asks invasive questions about my gender and transition progress for seemingly no reason other than his own curiosity.

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