@SuffolkPride@twitter.com @GayPridePicsUK@twitter.com We did loads of media stuff!
Got on ITV news East Anglia, content for @prideworldradio@twitter.com and of course our normal photography coverage of the event.

I HAVE had a great day - but it would be nice to go to a Pride and not get misgendered.

I realise I don't pass that well, and working all day means my voice is bad.

But *sigh*, it's sad πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ

@SuffolkPride@twitter.com @GayPridePicsUK@twitter.com First pride in, I think, 4 years. Worked out excellently!

Today at @SuffolkPride@twitter.com with @GayPridePicsUK@twitter.com has been very good.

A fantastic event on the keyside which was busy and buzzing, but not crowded. Great job, organisers!

The impact is so small it makes it look like the plane weights nothing.

I mean, I feel like a car dropped from that height would have a more impactful landing.

RT @katie_brinker12@twitter.com

Today they dropped a plane from the gantry at work!

πŸ¦πŸ”—: twitter.com/katie_brinker12/st

By expensive I mean Β£2.00 per item. Which still feels like a lot for how many flashes they take before failing.

I mean, its a lot of flashes for normal use, but when you're flashing the same sectors of the flash 30 times in a couple of hours, they die.

Brought to you by:
Why are 2GB microSD cards still expensive, I will kill them in like, days, when hacking a Kobo.

Its a board that plus in via USB to a computer, and has a normal SD/MicroSD interface on the other end.

I wish SD/MicroSD emulators existing.
Like, a hardware item which shows up as a block device on a USB connected system, and shows up as an SDcard to the device on the other end.

It'd make developing/hacking on devices using a microSD card waaay easier.

Damnit, Netflix have got rid of one of my favorite sci-fi shows, KillJoys.

Time to get the Blu-Rays from CeX then, I guess πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ

Techwear is too far into military for me - and proper cyberpunk-ish outfits are pretty impractical ( and also impossible for me, because trans ).

Yeahhh, reds, blacks, purples, leather jackets & dark jeans.
But with like, blaster bags, combat-boots and unnecessary straps.

I recently created a pintrest account so I could have a board for the aesthetic I'm aiming for.

But honestly I think its basically just Shank from Ralph Breaks the Internet with a bit of added cyberpunkiness.

I am Samathy, God of all of us.

πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ Bow down, folks.

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Write "I am [your name], God of -" and let predictive text finish your sentence!

πŸ¦πŸ”—: twitter.com/Arnavon/status/113

Of course, immutable const char is a silly thing to do, because immutable trumps const in D.

But it probably shouldnt fail so badly.

Heh, both ldc and gdc fail too.
ldc with a big ol' traceback and SIGKILL, gdc with 'internal compiler error: Aborted.

SIGKILLing it on a Friday night.


Hm, compiler bug?

Including the 'const' in 'cast(immutable const char[])' causes dmd to SIGKILL.

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