I am unreasonably excited about having i3wm running as the WM for KDE-Plasma5. It works! The best of both worlds! Tiling+DE Applets&Plugins!

IMHO the best way to do it is "On my mark..."

0 ambiguity.

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We're all doomed
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I think the feeling of 'I know how this language works' is helping the motivation to make contributions.

As well as the passion for the language and wanting it to be better and succeed.

Also, I feel like I have a really good grasp of . In a way I don't have with much else. So making contributions shouldn't be /too/ challenging....

Switching to doing bug fixes in my spare time will mean a hold on my own project, but hey, I don't think I've ever been as motivated to contribute to a FOSS project before, and they/we need contributions.....

I'm working on a cool project in D at the moment, but considering the several call-to-arms there have been for contributions to dub and other dlang-ecosystem stuff I'm actually feeling motivated to to some bug fixing in dub.

My bird 🐦 doesn't talk, but if he did, this sounds like a good thing to teach him 😂

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I wanna go to a pet store and teach all the parrots to say "blockchain"

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Cool git trick I use pretty often - pipe the changed files from git diff into other tools, like formatters, or editors.

. @DrinkMoreGlurp@twitter.com is a really good game and you should buy it to play with friends.

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Visiting @IGFestUK@twitter.com today.

Pretty much just here to play Taiko drumming, maybe play some other games too. 🎮

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Visiting @IGFestUK@twitter.com today.

Pretty much just here to play Taiko drumming, maybe play some other games too. 🎮

Yes please

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じんそんさんの「Hyper Keyboard PI」。

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My reasoning for this is that the fantastic @Stewartscoffees@twitter.com regularly change the more exciting beans they have, so while it does mean one gets a range, it also means that if you like something and you only got 250g, you've probably missed your chance to buy more.

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Bought a few coffee beans. ☕

(it's about 1. 5kg of beans)

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Bought a few coffee beans. ☕

(it's about 1. 5kg of beans)

Child: 👶 Car designer ( bodywork and interiors )
Teen:👧Engineer? Photographer? Theater lighting tech.
Now: 👩‍💻 Software Engineer, but maybe a photographer eventually.

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👶🏻: a priest, no, a nun, hmm a doctor!
👧🏻: No, a writer, a polyglot, a traveler or musician or something with computers or a teacher
👩🏻: Software Engineer, but what I really want to do is retire and raise goats twitter.com/alexmuench/status/

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I feel bad taking up a whole 4-seat table with just me, but there is no way of saying I don't mind sharing unless people ask me directly.

I should start bringing little signs with me to cafes that say 'Feel free to use the other 3 seats at this table'.

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