The Expanse sound track for gym: Cycle faster to escape the approaching dread. 🚴‍♀️

I wanted to use, but when you get into storing terabytes its actually incredibly pricey.

This was brought on by me wishing services like backblaze and AWS offered just....disk...accessible through ssh/scp/ftp etc, rather than a funky protocol.

Me: Oh, you use a cloud-VM for your backups?
Friend: Yeah, <this one>, I opted for the 100GB disk.

Me: Your backups are less than 100GB....oh you sweet summer child.

I probably wouldn't say this is the case for /every/ trans person.

But for me, I can't help but assume every slightly-too-long look in the street is because they're trying to figure out what I am.


If someone is staring at a trans person, it doesn’t matter how pretty or ‘passing’ or whatever people consider them to be, the trans person will assume they’re being read as the person they were before.


Finally put all of my photos onto my new home server - drives went from 50GB used to well over 600GB.

That backblaze bill is gonna go up.....

Proud of myself because I understood a terrible German joke.

Ich denke 'Züge' ist 'streak' und auch 'trains'.



"Entschuldigung. Sie haben da Züge im Haar." -
"Ja. Sind Lokschuppen."


Not to mention that the D3300 body feels like it'll shatter if I drop it.

Whereas the D7100 would probably just dent the ground.

It also has a really, really, sucky AutoFocus system compared to the D7100.

The 3300 is a good camera. And using all my good glass with it makes it pretty identical in image quality to the D7100.

But it lacks all the physical controls on the body, and I miss those a lot when doing 'work' photos.

The more I use my D3300 for events, the more I just want another D7100/D7200 instead.

This could also be read in the voice of Tony Stark.

"Truth is, I am Gender"


AirBnB is very astute.

Gender of the day: Gender.


I do still have preferred methods of formatting code, which I would implement on my own projects.

But the formatting decisions become mostly immaterial against the benefit of all devs being forced to use the same formatting through linters.

Working through some code and finding it hard to read? - Cool, temporarily re-format it the way you enjoy.

Of course - its also important to remember that I am useful as an engineer to solve problems - not spend time adding and removing white space.

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