Here's a case: you're connected to your PC via SSH from your non-rooted Android phone. How do you pull a file from the PC to your phone? I've tried issuing kdeconnect-cli --share but despite it saying that file was sent - nothing arrived...

@unfa Hi. I think it would be easier if you run an FTP server ( on your android phone. and then connect to it using Dolphin file manager (

@salman That could be better. Though it'd allow me to pull files from my phone - but not back to my phone, right?

That was a one-shot issue, I could just send the file if I had access to my PC, but I was curious how one would go about it when you have no physical access - only SSH through WiFi.

@unfa No, you would be able to do both (to push/pull files) It's just like copy/pasting whet you access it thru Dolphin.

I have never done it because I'm more laptop-based rather than cellphone-based. But anyway, if you are running ssh-server (e.g. openssh-server) on your PC and you also have ssh-client on your android (e.g. then you can use `scp` to transfer file.

$ scp -r unfa@mylinuxbox:/home/unfa/myvids/ /sdcard/download/vids

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