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This office is so grey and depressing it makes Dutch weather look cheerful.

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Job offer for a 100% remote job: "but we do expect you back in the office fulltime when the lockdown is over. Which hopefully will be soon."

#OtD 15 Jan 1934 the UK tabloid the Daily Mail published an article 'Hurrah for the Blackshirts!' supporting Oswald Mosley's fascist movement. Written by Viscount Rothemere, whose family still own the Mail, its politics haven't really changed much

Wordle 210 6/6


holy cow I'll need multiple pages for that

gonna be my first calligraphy triptych or something

#Calligraphy #CommonLisp #Lisp

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How dare you request politely that I not hate people based on, checks notes, the color of their skin.

@rysiek @Fairphone I mean, they’re right, but selling official wireless headphones which are clearly not gonna last as long as a phone with that port would doesn’t seem very genuine

@rysiek @Fairphone (in fact, everyone on the music industry knows good wired headphones last for life)

Progress is never permanent, will always be threatened, must be redoubled, restated, and reimagined if it is to survive. - Zadie Smith

if a computer is in a frame of reference rotating at a high rate of speed, do relativistic issues affect keeping the cpu clock in sync etc?

(just curious. don't have enough math/physics background to fully appreciate an answer but would find it pleasing to know someone who knew it better could tell what would happen :D)

@rysiek @datacop

Well let's be totally honest here.. we don't want your private data, meta or not.

But every time you visit our site or use our app you insist on sending your data to our server even if we asked you not to..

It's getting weird, you're making it weird.. and It's getting a little bit creepy tbh ngl


"Of course there can't be 100 % security, but we are commited to keep your genitals as safe as possible under industry standards."
"We provide military grade genitals protection"
@rune @rysiek

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