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@rysiek @Fairphone (in fact, everyone on the music industry knows good wired headphones last for life)

Progress is never permanent, will always be threatened, must be redoubled, restated, and reimagined if it is to survive. - Zadie Smith

if a computer is in a frame of reference rotating at a high rate of speed, do relativistic issues affect keeping the cpu clock in sync etc?

(just curious. don't have enough math/physics background to fully appreciate an answer but would find it pleasing to know someone who knew it better could tell what would happen :D)


"Of course there can't be 100 % security, but we are commited to keep your genitals as safe as possible under industry standards."
"We provide military grade genitals protection"
@rune @rysiek


@rune @rysiek

"We care about your genitals"
"Your genitals are important for us"
"Review your genitals settings"
"By submitting this form, you agree to our genitals policy"

If this sounds weird and creepy, why would you talk about our privacy that way?

A friend from the Warsaw Hackerspace made a thing:

This webpage will exploit your LG webOS smart TV, gain local root privileges, and install the webOS Homebrew Channel.

I almost wish I had an LG "smart" TV!

When I see "we care about your privacy" I get a weird creepy vibe from it.

Like, why? Why the hell do you care about my privacy? What business of yours is my privacy?

Why don't you go ahead and care about something else? My privacy was just fine before you started "caring" for it.

Ja znam, ale to niczego nie zmienia. W crypto pieniądze biorą się tylko i wyłącznie od innych ludzi. Oznacza to, że w przypadku paniki to wszystko runie. A ja nie dostrzegam żadnego powodu, by miało się to dalej rozwijać. Żre to energii niemożebnie, więc kolejne kraje zakazują wydobycia, a i urobek jest coraz trudniejszy. Otworzyłbym popcorn, ale nie lubię.
@kravietz @rysiek

Uspol, Signal 

@feld @mplammers @feonixrift @thegibson @rysiek These are social problems that, ultimately, require social solutions, such as funding the government agencies that are *supposed* to be auditing the banks and stock exchanges, to a level where they can actually do their jobs.

Attempts to solve social problems with code *don’t work* and usually make the situation worse.

(recommended reading: “code and other laws of cyberspace”, “liars and outliers”)

@rysiek the ios note at the bottom is funny

why is there HTTP 3? who needs it whats the point :VEIHYPER:

Please, when you're arguing loudly on your mobile, put it on speaker phone so we can hear both sides and decide which side we're on.

@rysiek i especially

"World-class security is very inexpensive when you outsource 90% of it to strangers you've never met and don't pay." You'd fire your facilities manager instantly for saying that. And when your CISO says it you don't even notice.

Struggling for the best education hope to be employed someday an make things right to there place.
I am having some difficulties in life which are really hard sometime hard to take care of them. But what can I do I doesn’t choose the life I’m living in but who’s knows the future might looks great. We have been in to many things in life but thank God we are still alive an doing well even though my parents has a kind of bad sickness which is always need to be treated.

The most sad part of it is that my first thing to do in life is our house an take care of the family.

"Rather than merely acting as agreements between parties, contracts in a monopolized economy function as a legal mechanism for corporations to unilaterally enact onerous, exploitative, and harmful requirements on weaker firms, workers, and consumers."

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Second Law of Blockchain Tech Review:
As sufficiently extensive incompetence is indistinguishable from malice, any sufficiently large breach is indistinguishable from an inside job.

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