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After I switch instances this weekend, should I do a follower-only AMA (not immediately, to give time for people to re-follow)?

The Commodordion

“The Commodordion is an 8-bit accordion primarily made of C64s, floppy disks, and gaffer tape.”

This is the gleefully geekiest thing I’ve seen in a while.

But hey, at least (if I am reading it right) they seem to have removed bollockschain from !

I mean, I don't care about BlueSky (or as I call it "Twitter's BS protocol") all that much. But I do care about how a protocol that started off in :birdsite: 's "blockchain division" suddenly drops the blockchain part.

To me that means that the cryptocurrency racket has perhaps finally jumped the Blåhaj. 🦈

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Yes, , a "crawling indexer" is exactly what I want in my social media:

Note that the crawling indexer is made necessary for things like "likes, reposts, followers".

As in, a crawling indexer is necessary for basic functionality of BlueSky, apparently.

Compare to , where no such hard requirement exists, even though a service that relies on crawling to provide recommendations (for example) could exist.

@rysiek @matrix @Natureshadow ☝️this! And User Authored Works is actually self explanatory in contradiction to UGC!

@matrix @rysiek @Natureshadow perhaps you could say User Authored Content?
The “Generated” makes it sound like it’s merely dumb machine generator.

As some of you pointed out, there are many more DoH providers than DoH JSON API providers.

It would be wonderful if dnslink-fetch could use *any* DoH provider, without requiring a JSON API endpoint (which it currently does). That would make that plugin considerably more useful!

Incidentally, it's a relatively low-hanging fruit and a good way to get involved in if you want to take a swing at it!

Here's the issue:

Happy to help you get started! :blobcat:

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@rysiek I'm running for quite a while now, there is basically a whole kist out there:

Decentralizing the Internet is more about the infrastructure than the code.

Running infrastructure is costly and difficult, and this is where a lot of decentralized web projects struggle.

There's a lot of code out there that *in theory* would enable decentralized web, but *in practice* require someone to deploy a massive infrastructure first, before that's actually viable.

And no, slapping blockchain on that code is not a solution.

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And another DNSLink-based plugin for :

It relies on DNS-over-HTTPS JSON API providers. Sadly currently there are only three that I know of, all run by Google or CloudFlare. :blobpensive:

I still think it's better to have that option if that means a website can use the Google DoH JSON API server and move off of CloudFlare's gate-keeping DDoS protection racket.

If anyone knows of any independent public DoH JSON API servers, I am all ears!

‼️Last hurdle for German speed limit removed‼️

The minister of transport has just been sent 500 speed limit signs as a donation in kind.

He previously said, Germany didn’t have enough signs to implement a speed limit. And we don't want to demand the impossible.


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