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@RadicalEdward @thegibson You could feel when a drive would fail, smell when the power supply was on its last legs. Oldschool sysadmins know.

re: Uspol, Signal 

@drwho @TheGibson @vortex_egg @rysiek Perfect. I’ll keep the original around as proof of ownership.

- Seditiontoshi

Uspol, Signal 

:screams in old fart: I miss when Jami was Ring and just worked.
@mplammers @thegibson

First Law of Blockchain Tech Review:
Any blockchain-based project is considered a scam unless proven otherwise.

Uspol, Signal 

You can connect to others remotely now for initial connection. Agreed that it's not 'normie friendly' (and likely never will be, it knows its niche), but some of the limitations have been eased.
@rysiek @thegibson

This has been a lot of work and it's still not finished, but I at least have the layout figured out now so I want to share my progress.

It's a redesign of the report screen in the moderation interface, including many small and medium changes to how things work, too many to describe here.


Dla porządku: wczoraj był smutny dzień.

Mój projekt ustawy, która pomaga pacjentom korzystającym z terapii medyczną marihuaną, ułatwia tym ludziom życie i daje realny dostęp do takiej terapii został odrzucony głosami PiS, 5 posłów z Konfederacji (z Ruchu Narodowego) oraz posłów Sachajko, Żuk, Girzyński, Mejza i Z. Ajchler.

@neauoire I suspended the ones that got reported so far already

If you're getting crypto spam DMs this morning from, just report it and we'll block the individual accounts.


Uspol, Signal 

@rysiek @thegibson @feonixrift

I'm trying to do my part in moving XMPP closer to this sort of standard, but there's still a metric shitton left to do – on both the server and clients side before I can claim that this works with good UX…

But at least for the last year or two it has begun looking like it might actually happen for XMPP – well minus the metadata protection, I guess. :F

Uspol, Signal 

Until I see what the next year holds, my eggs are in the Briar basket. But precisely because it is uncompromisingly adequate, there is room for something in the niche between. More end user compatible, with minimal security sacrifice. XMPP doesn't fulfill, the metadata graph is still in the wild, and while I've not had an OMEMO failure in a couple years it's still a hassle to get right. DeltaChat holds its niche well; I haven't yet looked at Snikket. Heard some folks trying out Cwych, but it didn't feel production ready to me when I tried it.

Companies that gather personal data can be sold along with the data gathered, and people whose data got gathered (or... whose children's data got gathered) can't do squat about it?

I am shocked! Shocked, I tell you!

Hey fediverse, do you know nice #Peertube instances that you can recommend? Mine is closing down soon and I'm looking for a place to move. I don't post much, mainly nerdy and Esperanto stuff. I'd prefer an instance that isn't swarmed by right wingers or conspiracy narratives.
Any recommendations?
#askfedi #askmastadon

Work has commenced on Mastodon for Android with @grishka and @lickability 🙂

hot-take: "why, yes!" is just a mispronunciation of "y... yes"

Uspol, Signal 

But I also find someone rolling over and unlocking their physical device vastly more likely than any message content compromise in Signal itself.

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