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Milwaukee airport took out their water fountains and replaced them with vending machines

ukpol, silly wordplay 

leaving-do? more like leaving-don't, or at least leaving-shouldn't-have

Hey so @GavUnimpressive just finished this commission for me and I cannot get over how perfect it is

Still love this illustration that David Revoy did on a picture of (insert name of plants in my yard).

@tomasino We also moderate signups. Some get accepted immediately, some get rejected immediately, but there's a middle ground So I have a script that sends them an email saying "Hi!" and asking why they've chosen our instance. If they reply within a week then they're in, otherwise they're out.

But our instance is small, so that's feasible. For now.

@trebach @rysiek

@trebach @rysiek i really like moderating signups on our instance. we only get a handful of requests a week but even so I find myself rejecting half of them for being shady. It makes me feel like I'm keeping our people a little bit safer.

@rysiek Mhh, yes, I could have my site mine dogecoin on visitors machines and automatically invest them in monke NFTs. *laughs in burning rainforest* :tinking:

For those using my Mastodon scripts:

I moved my repositories from Github to Codeberg and "deleted" my code at Github. So updates can only be optained from the Codeberg repository:



Please update your git settings.

Tek Fog in Action: Targeting Women Journalists, Pushing Communal Narrative on COVID, Delhi Violence

"TekFog" is a platform used for automated targeting journalists, activists, etc., in order to silence them, and then... take over their accounts to use them to spread right-wing propaganda.

It's automated, targeted cyber-bullying.

This is a third piece in this investigative series. And it is damn chilling. Go, have a read.

Jak się wpisze to na Twitterze, to boty odpowiadają z dobrymi radami. Tu nie działa. Pewnie na Mastodona nie ma też wirusów:)

work selfie 

my hair looks to good to be in meetings all day

Anyways, the real magic is easy discovery.

People, Projects, Mobile apps and more.

A new way to explore the fediverse without having to create an account.

You don't even need an account to add or submit things!

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This is more than just a bespoke guide though.

We also have a blog, and it's federated, so you can keep up to date with fediverse news without leaving your home feed. Categories, RSS, Tags and other standard blog features included.

Anyone can submit content to our blog, though we do curate submissions.

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