Chyba czasem będę tu robił trochę inny content niż na TT… czyli taki:

Picie w parku jest ok, jak nie robisz nic złego.

Zdjecie dokonane w Parku Zaczarowanej Dorożki (Krakow)

"Her husband must be a programmer tyhe"

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“There was a lot of legal debate on: Are they operating as a Russian agent?” said the former official. “It wasn’t clear they were, so the question was, can it be reframed on them being a hostile entity.”

Intelligence community lawyers decided that it could. When Pompeo declared WikiLeaks “a non-state hostile intelligence service”.. “That phrase was chosen advisedly and reflected the view of the administration,” a former #Trump administration official said.


2021-09-26: Out of the people allowed to vote in Germany, all persons aged 50 or older hold ~55% of all votes :(

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I’m trying and failing to think of a supply chain that’s actually functioning properly rn outside of some of america’s food

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In yesterday's parliamentary elections in , the held its 6 seats:

Meanwhile, the right-wing populist nincompoops aka the "Centre" Party went from 7 seats down to only 3. 🎉

@rysiek on the upside at least the hamster won't barge into people's menchies to sealion them about how good shitcoin is.

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