Peer-to-peer file transfers in your browser. Painless file sharing, without installing any torrent clients 💞

Opensource, made by @midzer

@fribbledom @midzer awesomesauce.

I assume it uses RTCDataChannel? Asking, because I was looking at using it for a similar purpose, but in my case I need to use it inside a Service Worker, which I believe is not possible currently?

@rysiek @fribbledom AFAIK a (public) STUN server is used to handle out IP negotiation. A secure WebSocket connection to a (public) WebTorrent tracker handles the metadata between the peers.

I don't know whether you can establish a WebSocket connection in a service worker. This might be interesting as inactive/background tabs do throttle the transfer right now.

I might consider introducing a service worker for PWA functionality though.

@midzer @fribbledom interesting. WebSockets are available in Service Workers. But you said that's just metadata? How is *data* transferred?

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@rysiek @fribbledom I'm not to deep into the BitTorrent protocol. All I know is, the initial seeder keeps the file(s) in memory and creates a metadata (.torrent file -> infohash) files which is (temporarily) registered on the public tracker via WebSocket connection.

Other peers connect to the tracker as well via the infohash. STUN server allow a direct connection between those peers (with WebRTC I guess).

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