@aral Hi Aral, if you would describe web3 (in light of web zero & heck web 5), how would you describe it?

Is there something you have written which I could read in full?

I have my own views but more interested how you got to #web0 and the focus on #decentralisation

@cubicgarden Hey Ian, it’s been a minute. Hope you’re well :)

I’d describe it as a Ponzi scheme. The next generation of bullshit by the fine folks who brought you surveillance capitalism (and some even finer folks who want to replace them).

We talked about it a bit during one of our Small is Beautiful streams: small-tech.org/videos/small-is

@aral Thanks, perfect. Trying to get different views for some research and I think the decentralised part is the core.

Interested how it @Jack@twitter.com also got to Web5 which hinges on a lot of crypto. But in the other hand he wishes Twitter was a protocol not a company.

Feels like lessons have not been learned?

@cubicgarden @aral sorry for butting in, but… BlueSky and whatever Jack Dorsey is working on are merely attempts to "decentralize-wash" surveillance capitalism. Not much different htan greenwashing that Big Oil is engaged in.

The reason why BlueSky is seemingly not going anywhere even though :birdsite: is/was behind it is because it can't. It's an attempt to make a "decentralized network" controlled centrally by a walled-garden company.

No worries, yep it seems like one play after another. No respect for peoples rights and freedom, just profit and monopolies.
Checked out bluesky and was wondering what on earth.

"No respect for peoples rights and freedom, just profit and monopolies."

This is only one Layer, also referred to as #Mainstream, of the Thing called #Internet but it's not the Internet as a whole.

The first Step for Change was already made with the introduction of the #Fediverse and now it's on People like you and me to spread the Word in order to change other Minds.

Just my opinion on the matter. 😏
@rysiek @aral

@kranzkrone @cubicgarden @rysiek That’s what @cubicgarden was referring to (see the post he’s replying to and the thread – the context is web3/bluesky/Silicon Valley bullshit.) :)

@aral @cubicgarden
I don't know for what #Bluesky stand, that's the Problem with Acronyms. 🤔


I do find it weird that Jack is so tied to blockchains/bitcoin.

The #fediverse and activitypub is exactly what bluesky should be a client of, rather than its own network.

@kranzkrone @rysiek

@cubicgarden Jack is a Silicon Valley libertarian and a billionaire. There’s nothing weird about it. It’s entirely to be expected.

It would be weird if he embraced the fediverse/ActivityPub, etc.

In order to understand why Silicon Valley billionaires do what they do in the way that they do it, we have to first stop seeing them as the good guys. For some reason, we seem to have an ongoing inability to do that in the web community.

They’re the new robber barons.

@kranzkrone @rysiek

@aral @cubicgarden @kranzkrone this.

The point of BlueSky is not to build a decentralized network.

The point of BlueSky is to suck air out of decentralized networks, by pretending to build one, in a way such that it looks like a decentralized network but is still in all the really meaningful ways controlled by a single entity.

It's an attempt to keep the monopoly / roach-motel model going even though people start demanding decentralization.

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@rysiek @aral @cubicgarden @kranzkrone Maybe that's the fallout of Elongate. He basically did that with the boring company. Jack is imitating him.

But, err, I'm not sure how that will work when fedi et al. are *not* the kind of things afraid of committing too hefty a budget chunk to the wrong thing. It may have worked for the Muskrat, but here? I'm skeptical.

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