Pretty damn please, if you publish something, anything, on a blog, site, whatever... I beg of you, make sure that publishing date is stated somewhere!

For example: how am I supposed to know, for example, if this is a freshly added new functionality, an old and since deprecated tech preview, or something in between?

Seriously, just display the damn publishing date, people!

(yes, I already checked in Wayback Machine, it's published late 2021)

@rysiek the page source code has also a "article:published_time" set at 2017-11-06, two months after Anbox's initial release.

@rysiek on the other hand, given the title and regardless of the date, I can tell you it's old tech: waydroid seems to be the future for android apps on Linux at the moment.

@rysiek this is how I make my sports predictions correct! One day I'll be right and my team will win! 😆

@rysiek citing stuff? too and it's frustrating!! -sympathies!

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