@hackernews Again, a sad example of misuse of power and a reason why we should empower communities around the world with better communication tools that are not so easily shut down. Share alternatives like #briar (briarproject.org/) or #Bidgefy (bridgefy.me/).

@erikkemp @hackernews Bridgefy contains trackers from Facebook (and Google), so better use Briar if you"re about to protest...

@djoerd @hackernews Yep, but I think briar does not have the 'mesh - hop' functionality yet, right?

@djoerd @hackernews And briar is not available on iOS, which is a problem in urgent moments like this.


@erikkemp @djoerd @hackernews LMFTFY: and Apple's iOS design makes it impossible to have non server-client model based tools like Briar work on that platform, which is a problem in urgent moments like this.

It's important to remember whose decisions create a given problem.

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