> Any Twitter engineer in any country is presently provided direct access to production systems.

> The accesses to these production systems are not audited.

That's about 5.000 people. :blobcat:

> At Twitter engineers work on live data when building and testing software because Twitter lacks testing and staging environments; work is instead conducted in production and with live data. 🤣



Twitter: "We serve the 
public conversation."

Also Twitter:

> For example, the misinformation team currently only has two individuals

> Twitter is limited on fact-checking or debunking to mostly English-language content. One interviewee said that they relied heavily on Google Translate for language capabilities

🤡 🎪 :birdsite:

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@rysiek a few years ago (before Covid etc, when I still used birbsite) they seem to have had absolutely 0 moderation for tweets in Dutch and all manner of trolls and wingnuts were allowed to run free, I would not be surprised if that has had an impact on the current level of political extremism in the Netherlands...

@vfrmedia just as pollution is an externality for Big Oil, so is conspiracy-theory-fueled extremism an externality for social media giants.


Seems to be a common theme on Twitter, Facebook, Google etc that they want to do everything on the cheap, even if it's something really important.

Are they even viable businesses if they were forced to moderate things properly?

So many businesses nowadays only exist because they aren't regulated and neglect to do stuff they really should be doing, or else pour massive amounts of VC money down the toilet in the hope of destroying honest competitors before the cash runs out.


> Are they even viable businesses if they were forced to moderate things properly?

No. Jack Dorsey (then :birdsite: CEO) said as much:

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