Oh, my piece for the Institute of Network Cultures got published and I missed it!

Fighting Disinformation: We’re Solving The Wrong Problems

> The reason why misinformation and disinformation spread so fast is that our most commonly used communication tools had been built in a way that promotes that kind of content over fact-checked, long-form, nuanced reporting.

> One could call this the “outrage dividend“, and disinformation benefits especially handsomely from it.

@nemobis I did not, but I might, thank you for the link. In return: did you read my piece, or just the excerpts I tooted here?

I do not have any hard evidence, as my piece is an opinion piece and not a scientific paper. You are more then welcome to dismiss it on this basis entirely and move on with your life. 🤷‍♀️

But the article you link to also does not seem to disagree with what I wrote. If it does, please point to where.

@rysiek I've read it. You define an "outrage dividend", then you just proceed to *assume* that it exists/it's positive, and derive a few consequences from that assumption. So it's an entirely speculative operation. Alright.

The book is useful if you're interested in looking for actual evidence.

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