Google refuses to reinstate man’s account after he took medical images of son’s groin

> Google has refused to reinstate a man’s account after it wrongly flagged medical images he took of his son’s groin as child sexual abuse material (CSAM), the New York Times first reported. Experts say it’s an inevitable pitfall of trying to apply a technological solution to a societal problem.

Meanwhile, the @EU_Commission is pushing the crap:

@rysiek @EU_Commission There is nothing inevitable about an utter failure of privacy, a failure to anticipate legitimate use case, a failure of human oversight, a failure to adhere to fair appeals process, ... actually I cannot think of a single aspect of this that is not a true and complete failure. Especially when identity centralization has made google accounts exceedingly difficult to live without and tied them to authentication for numerous other services. This is effectively a wide reaching punishment without recourse, for using private information for a legitimate private purpose.

@feonixrift @EU_Commission this is inevitable in the context of "if you try to use technology this way to 'fix' a societal problem, this is the problems you end up with".

The quote about "inevitability" is not about it generally being inevitable, but about it being the inevitable consequence of such a mis-use of regulatory power and technology.

The worst thing is that they kept that stance after police cleared him of any wrongdoing.
They could've just said "Our bad, we're sorry." and reinstated the account.
Is Google actually arrogant enough to believe that they are better at criminal investigation than the literal police or something?

You can't outsource criminal investigation, that's Europol and the national police forces' job.

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