Cryptobros: blockchains are censorship resistant!

Also cryptobros: *stop including transactions they don't like in blocks they mine*

Turns out secondary centralization driven by economies of scale is a thing and leads to shitty power dynamics. Who woulda thunk it?

[everyone who's been paying attention, that's who]

Finger-lickin' good.


> Another amusing lesson arises from a griefer who sent small amounts of Ethereum (0.1Eth or about $200) to numerous high-profile Ethereum wallets. These wallets then found themselves locked out of numerous “decentralized” services.

> This was due to how centralized services Chainalysis, TRM, and Elliptic provide an oracle to say, “This is a sanctioned wallet, do not accept,” to the numerous centralized services that actually power the Ethereum ecology.


@rysiek basically, OFAC does everyone on earth a solid by whacking Tornado Cash

For something touted by crypto as "decentralized", it sure is dependent on centralized infrastructure!

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