Golf courses got exempted from water bans in France. To protest this bullshit, activists poured concrete into the golf holes.

@alienghic @rysiek p sure that's how golf started. sheep herders clubbing sheep shit around a field.

@alienghic @rysiek Pretty sure you could also have a variant of golf that works on sand, just lighter balls.

@lanodan @rysiek

Yeah but I also wanted an excuse to link to an unexpected story about the Navajo

> So far only one area, Ille-et-Villaine in western France, has diverged, banning the watering of golf courses.

Heh, that's where I live and well, our rivers got quite dry in some areas and fires are starting in forests quite often, sometimes also some towns.
So there is more important things.

@rysiek absolutely hilarious that such a high value land use can be sabotaged by $1 of quickcrete

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