Video of my talk about and an idea for decentralized, community CDNs is online:

> I want a Web where CDNs are unnecessary.
> Where different organizations, different website operators, can help each other out by hosting assets for each others' websites, thus spreading the load across many orgs in solidarity, instead of centralizing it in gatekeepers.

An older fedi thread about just that:

@rysiek I was hearing talk about using web of trust and GunDB to do this kind of peer based caching.

This is something we want four our own project. We're already looking at impl a proper subresource integrity, which will help a lot here, but the upgrade path for new versions and caching is still a challenging prospect.

We're finally at a point where we can begin trying LR tho. Super happy to have talk to share w/ my friend.

Our app is meant to run w/out a server already.


@ultimape GunDB does not have a public global infrastructure deployed, so using it doesn't offer you much, unless you deploy such infrastructure yourself.

LibResilient started off using GunDB and IPFS. A relevant plugin is still there, although it has not been tested for a while:

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@rysiek the ipfs node idea I saw in the video was also very appealing. Same kind of bootstraping problem there I believe tho.

If we are lucky the app we're building will be federated (in a sense) so it fits well with the community driven CDN model.

@ultimape ah, very nice.

Yeah, I've used with quite a bit. In the ideal world, IPNS+IPFS would be the way to go. There is a proof-of-concept LR plugin for that:

However, it is currently blocked by this IPNS bug:

If more people push the js-ipfs project to fix this, maybe it will get fixed eventually.

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