What does a developer say to another Rust developer, after bumping into them at a conference?

"Long time no C!"

(thank you, thank you, I'm here all week!)

@rysiek "(thank you, thank you, you're here all week!)"

@rysiek Thanks, I think I need that on a T-Shirt. 😉

@rysiek If a Rust convention goer receives swag from a vendor, does a borrow checker intervene to make sure that he properly owns it before leaving the event?

@rysiek Are you sure you came up with that yourself?

(I’m borrow checking, you see.)

*badum tish*

@rysiek @aral Rust devs may need to wear glasses to see each other properly because they don't C#.

@bady @rysiek @aral Dad jokes factor is really high right now 😁

@aral @rysiek I might or might not have a present for you, feel free to unwrap it and see what happens next!

@rysiek and then nobody can leave because everyone now has references to everyone else

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