Speaking of cryptocurrencies and , if you have not read @pluralistic 's piece "Moneylike", read it now:

It does a great job of synthesizing Graber's "Debt. The first 5000 years" into a few paragraphs, and then builds on that to explain why the whole push for "web3" is happening. And why it's a problem.

If that makes you want to read "Debt...", all the better!

@rysiek @pluralistic Haven't started reading yet but I am now thinking of attempting "Debt..." for the third time. It's good, but it doesn't go down easily :/
@rysiek @pluralistic I like how the article explains fiat money but there are and there have been more monies other than that. Denying their existence and implying that taxes is a requirement for something to be money is the real folktale.

@pamaca @pluralistic you're entitled to your opinion, I'm entitled to take what David Graber — who had spent his life researching this and writing about it, always providing ample evidence — over your opinion. 👍

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